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STLBlues4 04-17-2012 8:16 PM

2010 vs 2011 Ronix
Hey everyone, I have a question about the difference between the 2010 and 2011 Ronix Kai boots and Mana boards. I thought I saw somewhere the '10 and '11 boards are the same, just with different graphics, is this correct?

For the Kai bindings, did they change much between '10 and '11? I'm looking at a package that has the '10 Mana and closed toe Kai boots, and another package that has the '11 board but with the open toe boots. The '11 setup is about $15 more, any suggestions on which way to go?

Right now I'm riding an 06 Hyperlite Murray with some cheap bindings that are even older, so any bindings are going to be a huge upgrade. Also, are there any other boards that I should be looking at? I ride behind an I/O without a tower or the greatest wake, so I want something with as much pop as possible. I was thinking of getting something with some sort of 3 stage rocker since I already have a board with a continuous shape. I know my best bet would be to demo some setups, but I don't really have that option. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

jsmilez321 04-18-2012 12:25 PM

What up my dude! Here is what I have heard around the web so dont quote me on this but i read somewhere that Ronix put a different foam core in the 2010 it wasnt as sturdy so they went back to 2009 core for the 2011 stuff. I broke my 2010 one and props to Ronix they sent me a blem 2011 One ATR, snapped that one and now I am whipping the 2012 Ronix One ATR. Craked two boards in on e summer, but the customer service is phenomenal they a great people and stand behind their brand. I have ridden the Mana 2010 the board was a little small for me at the time, but if you can control the pop WOW its awesome not as consistant as the one but a real popy board.
The Kai Bindings are legit too. My buddy got the 2010s on his vault and I rode that while they were shipping me my new One love the consistency of that board really fun ride. But to be honest once you put on a pair of Ronix bindings you will never go back. They are light and super comfy. I have had the 09 cells and now I have 2010 limited Ones.
I never got to demo any boards where i live either so just read alot before you buy. If you know what you want and like just read some reviews of the boards and go from there. I can assure you any Ronix gear is prime stuff and you will love it.

If you wanna look at some 3 stage boards i would recommend the Ronix One, or 2012 Parks heard its really nice, the SS Whip is supposed to be legit to.

TSimpson 04-18-2012 5:31 PM

I had a pair of the 2010 Ronix Kai's and liked them The I don't think that the 2011's are any different although the hooks for the laces are alittle bit golder than the 2010's As for the board IDK but I would definately go for the 2011 Ronix Ibex instead. I just got one and it is SWEET so much pop, stability, and handling it's insane.

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