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waketheberney 04-11-2012 11:50 AM

Scioto Boardshop (OH) Collabs with Cable Park?
As a Columbus, OH resident, and avid participant in the wake scene, I had come across some news that the Scioto Boardshop sciotoboardshop.com is heading a collaboration with a local cable park club in Marysville, OH. Has anybody heard anything about this? Or is it just another ****rumor blowing through the ****winds? I think the cable club is a 2 tower powered by ERC. Also heard that the club is called Wakeopolis?? Anybody hear of anything else?


xmcmillenx 04-12-2012 8:25 AM


As far as I know, all of that is true. Here is a link to the website. I had a chance to ride there last year and the place is AWESOME!!!


nautiboy614 04-12-2012 8:59 AM

I am the owner of Scioto Boardshop, we are collaborating with the ERC cable park in Marysville and have some awesome things planned this year. I have been working closely with Tyler (Owner of Wakeopolis) to plan some amazing events this year. He's been working hard at getting some really cool obstacles in the water for opening day. Not to give to much away, but I heard a few pro riders will be making appearances this year!

dylanjustice41 04-13-2012 1:47 PM

Great idea. I'd love to make it down there at some point Jim. I'm not much of a cable rider, but I've only tried it once down in OWC.
I wish I could get it started out here in PA!

nautiboy614 04-14-2012 6:34 AM

Dylan - anytime you want to come over for a weekend - let me know, I am sure Tyler can give you a run down on how to do the whole ERC cable park set up. I will be gone next weekend, heading to Tennessee with my friend to pick up his new Malibu MXZ but any weekend after that.

zleartsu 04-14-2012 6:59 AM

Man, glad to hear that you guys are teaming up! Wakeopolis has a great location and looks like it be a lot of fun to do an event there!!

nautiboy614 04-14-2012 4:08 PM

Zach - I hear your the guy to talk to. we should talk sometime, email me jim@sciotoboardshop.com.

patrick232 04-17-2012 11:43 AM

I will heading down to Norris Lake April 19th - 22nd if you need to drop that the MXZ in the water on the way back to Ohio. First I have to stop at your board shop and pickup my new bags and pump Wednesday.

nautiboy614 04-17-2012 1:25 PM

Warner is heading down Thursday morning to grab his MXZ and heading straight to Norris to ride for 3 days. I got the call that my trailer is suppose to be in Thursday or Friday......not Weds........so I don't have my plans nailed down quite yet......it all depends on when my trailer gets in, lets hope for Weds!!!

patrick232 04-19-2012 7:48 AM

Jim, Hope your trailer gets in. I biting at the bit to leave Columbus and start heading south. Picked up the bags and the pump from your shop on Wednesday. Just wanted to say I was blown away by the amount of product you guys have. Great job.

dylanjustice41 04-19-2012 9:18 AM

I would love to come down and check it out and hear how to get one set up. I wont be able to get down there until memorial day though so I will get back to you with a proposed date.

nautiboy614 04-23-2012 8:32 AM

Dylan - I am always accessible - If you make it to Columbus -give me a call - my personal cell - 614.202.0163

xmcmillenx 04-30-2012 9:28 PM


Cable grand opening this week. Come check it out!

Wakeopolis 66 like this
59 minutes ago
Wakeopolis officially opens this weekend May 5-6! We are having an open house party noon-4 on Saturday and Sunday. Come out and check the place out, ride the cable for free, buy your membership, reserve a session, and see some of the local rippers tear it up. Email or call with any questions! info@wakeopolis.com
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