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DealsGapCobra 04-09-2012 7:53 AM

Small Wave Board Suggestions
I have a DD ski boat and think it would be fun to add some ballast and try some surfing. I have no illusions that it will be any better than just barely surfable (I hope) but do think it would be a fun activity. I am thinking of trying two 400 lb sacs, one on the side and one in the rear corner...is there any chance? I would also like a board suggestion, I am about 155 lbs and was thinking about the Inland Surfer Squirt based on what I have read here.


aiggy33 04-09-2012 1:47 PM

The Inland is a good board for that!

dougr 04-09-2012 2:28 PM

the bigger the better, i saw a post that in 2000 you spent some time at cheat lake? cheat lake wv? Thats are main lake, we are there every weekend, if you still go there, let me know, i have a new enzo 244, we surf all day long:)

DealsGapCobra 04-10-2012 5:48 AM

Not in WV anymore as we moved to Knoxville in 2001. Cheat lake is a great place but can get a bit busy on the weekends...but then, so do most lakes.

Thanks for the advise so far.

dejoeco 04-10-2012 5:57 AM

Just because you have a direct drive does not mean you have a small wake. I have a Tige 22IR and I get a pretty nice surf wake.

DealsGapCobra 04-15-2012 5:35 AM

In my case, it is a small wave as I have a SN 200. There are no IS Squirts to be had (they are estimating 4 weeks) so I am going with a 5-4 Broadcast and have the sacs on order. Thanks for the help.

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