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miljack 04-09-2012 4:58 AM

Vdrive board coming from DD and IS Red Tide
We've got a new to us Vdrive, a CC 230, coming from a DD with some extra ballast and riding a Inland Red Tide 07.5 model. We could ride this board and have fun behind the small wake, but let this board go with the old boat.
I've ridden a few boards, Grindwater Ginsu, GW Maku(?), enjoyed the Ginsu behind a bigger wake and a medium wake, not sure about their durability.

I'm thinking about the following;

Triple X Nitro
Phase 5 Model X
Phase 5 Colt

We'll add some weight, rear locker add on, and a bell sack, nothing else too crazy.
I'm thinking surf style for this board as I want a board the wife can ride, as well as teaching some newb's (although not super important as I may pickup a "comp molded wake style surfer)
Open to other suggestions.


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