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SS_Hooke102 04-07-2012 10:34 AM

favorite trick?
I have three questions, what is your favorite trick in your arsenal?
What is your favorite trick to watch?
What would you like to see landed soon by a pro?

TheHebrewHammer 04-07-2012 2:51 PM

1. Nosegrab heel 3
2. Nuclear whirlybird and melan glide to fakie
3. More rewind tricks, like what Bob and Harley are doing.

sidekicknicholas 04-07-2012 3:00 PM

1. Nose Crow Mobe
2. TS BS OA Spins
3. I really like the rewind tricks too... also trying to take double inverts to another level

VinnyA 04-07-2012 3:45 PM

1.Nose Grab FS 180
2.TS Backroll BS 360 (Blind Pete)
3. more double flips with full rotations, like Parks' Switch Double Roll or a double backroll 720

SS_Hooke102 04-07-2012 4:00 PM

I love doing huge back side shifty tail grabs (almost a back 180 rewind)
I really like osmosis tricks
I would like to see a completely osmosis 7, Rusty landed a 5 so maybe a 7 is possible.

jaybee 04-07-2012 4:08 PM

1. FS Nose grab 180
2. Anything Osmosis
3. More Osmosis tricks

logan 04-07-2012 4:11 PM

1.HS Backroll
2. Indy Tantrum to Blind
3. Less rotations and flips, more big grabbed stuff to the flats.

TheHebrewHammer 04-07-2012 4:30 PM


Originally Posted by logan (Post 1742819)
3. Less rotations and flips, more big grabbed stuff to the flats.

I love inverts, but I agree with the big grabbed stuff. It's disappointing to see how few pros there are out there who truly emphasize into-the-flats riding. Wake-to-wake stuff just seems to lack that WOW factor, at least for me.

logan 04-07-2012 4:39 PM

^^ i'm with you 100%, i'd like to see big grabbed flips and 3's into the flats like the old days. I don't wanna kick a dead horse but I miss Lyman's riding so much!

juniorhawk 04-07-2012 4:53 PM

1. Wrapped heelside 540
2. 1080's and 900's - just so impressive to see them spin twice or more than I am capable of...
3. Rewinds. I WANT REWINDS (Bob Soven doing great on these, but I want more).

stephan 04-07-2012 5:19 PM

1. Toe Indy 3
2. Heel 5 w/ late stalefish
3. Less rotations and more legit grabs (see above fav tricks)

TheHebrewHammer 04-07-2012 6:27 PM


Originally Posted by logan (Post 1742824)
^^ i'm with you 100%, i'd like to see big grabbed flips and 3's into the flats like the old days. I don't wanna kick a dead horse but I miss Lyman's riding so much!

Ya. And don't forget about raley tricks and glides! Those are just jaw dropping!

logan 04-07-2012 6:58 PM

Don't forget about fashion airs!

TheHebrewHammer 04-07-2012 8:00 PM

Haha, fashion air to blind is actually a pretty cool trick. My fashion airs suck.

johnny_defacto 04-07-2012 9:02 PM

TS indy backrol
malt-o-meal into the flats (like murray and lyman does)
grabbed and poked 7's

TheHebrewHammer 04-07-2012 9:54 PM


Originally Posted by johnny_defacto (Post 1742861)
malt-o-meal into the flats (like murray and lyman does)

wtf is that?

johnny_defacto 04-07-2012 9:59 PM

old name for: HS mute roll to revert

the_fish 04-07-2012 10:29 PM

1. grabbed bs 180's
2. Indy tantrum to blind
3. small spins w/ big grabs and/or schwenne grabs

VinnyA 04-08-2012 6:06 AM

Im changing my 3 to a slurpee lol just watched a vid of it again and its so fricken awesome

andy_nintzel 04-08-2012 7:23 AM

1.) Off the Dub FS BS 360, grab indy, pass the first BS 180, Grab slob, pass the last 180.
2.) Method - every body does it different alway makes it fun to watch
3.) Really anything that shows ultimate control of line tension and the board, rewinds, big clean and to blind.
- On a side note I would like to some one bring back the Scud moves, Orbitals, and Fronts to blind!

austin 04-08-2012 8:36 AM

1. big, clean hs fs 180 (don't have a lot of tricks to choose from yet, but love the feeling of that one)
2. nose/heel broll2b, whilybird/dick, huge indy front or tantrum 2b, big worm, blind pete, anything osmosis, and lately been loving some good moby dicks
3. more mobe 7s, osmosis 5 in comp, back to back reg and switch whirly dicks in comp

I could probably go all day with #2. Still thinking of more tricks I love to watch: huge slim 5, hs bs 9s and 10s and even 7s, grabbed double inverts

TheHebrewHammer 04-08-2012 4:41 PM

Pros need to do more front to blinds and front to blind mobes. I don't know if I've ever seen anyone do a front to blind mobe behind the boat.

captain_vilfo 04-08-2012 6:46 PM

HS frontflip
TS frontflip (not roll)

captain_vilfo 04-08-2012 6:47 PM

^^ those were ones I like to watch lol

It'd be cool to see more double rolls by pros..

matty_gs 04-09-2012 8:29 AM

1-TS R2B
3-TS OA 3 to rewind

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