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king_of_the_wake 04-06-2012 7:38 PM

Backroll Tips
hey, last year i tried but could never land the hs backroll, im a goofy rider riding behind a nautique 210, is their any tips to get me around faster ? thanks

logan 04-06-2012 9:03 PM

I ride same stance and boat as you, cut hard hard against the both pulling as much line tension as possible. When you huck it throw your head towards your left shoulder and lift your right shoulder towards your head. Your feet should follow and the board will throw the flip.

Jmaxymek 04-06-2012 10:46 PM

Start your cut at the wake, and on approach make sure you are loading the line really hard. a good way to work on that would be to cut out really far into the flats on your heelside edge and practice loading the line over and over. Try and make the boat lean just by edging hard and trying to stretch the line. Then, take it back to the other side and do the same thing but on approach. Keep both hands on the rope, and as stated above, throw your head into your left shoulder and lift your right, but the first few times you can even exaggerate that motion. You'll feel your board come out from under you and get up over your head as you invert. You should be able to spot your landing almost the whole way through and you might even over rotate on land on your tail. The rotation will become calmer and more natural with practice.

wakerider111 04-06-2012 11:24 PM

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i think of a backroll as riding up the wake as if it were a continuous tube of water. Backrolls are not like other flips that require significant body gyration or hucking. All is needed is a strong enough edge to consistently land wake to wake... but in this case you keep edging through the wake as if a tube of water. Ohh and try your best to hold on with BOTH hands

here is a sequence of myself (i am right foot forward as well). notice both hands on handle and the handle in hip waist area, head constantly looking over right (lead shoulder) -- this will help keep your head on straight to spot the landing as well as keep a good rotation. knees bent to prepare for landing and help with rotation.
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probably the only thing that could be better about this sequence is that the landing is a little late... which is all the more reason to keep both hands on to help stick it.

andy_nintzel 04-07-2012 9:02 AM

I feel like I need to chime in on this. The information you’re getting here is good but a little miss leading. A backroll is just that a, roll. Rolls are momentum tricks. Really your just creating momentum and moving that momentum up once you leave the wake. Seems like everyone is suggesting that you really huck the trick and create massive amounts of line tension. This is good once you have the trick down and are trying to blast it out into the flats. When learning the BR, I always teach a nice progressive edge. Honestly if you can clear both wakes with a cut that is from 10-12 feet outside the wake that is all you need to learn a BR. Here are the steps I use to teach the BR.

First take an approach to the wake that is 10-12 feet from the wake. The first couple of tries just take a nice progressive cut and focus on going w2w. Just doing two handed straight airs. Once you get that feeling down do a few more with the board really pushing into the wake at the lip.

2. After your comfortable going w2w like this, take the same 10-12 foot approach, this time at the wake focus on pushing through the wake, pushing the board up and over towards your back shoulder. This will start the rotation. You really have to have the most cut and tension at the top of the wake, never letting off the edge.

3. At the top of the wake as your front foot leaves the wake push your lead foot and lead hip up and into the BR rotation. Try to push the board over your head and away from the boat. As you’re leaving the wake turn your head over your lead shoulder and you’re rotating.

4. The BR will rotate almost automatically if you leave the wake correctly. Once you’re in the air keep your eyes OPEN so you can spot your landing. There is a really cool point once your feet go over your head where you can see everything. It goes Wake, Sky, Wake very quickly.

5. As soon as you spot your landing take your head, hips, and shoulders out of the rotation. This will slow the rotation down and allow you to land back on your board w/o skipping out. Really this is the hardest part of the trick.

6. Keep your eyes on the landing but your head up and set it down and claim that shiat!

On a side not, having your arms in a good position is key, look at the sequence J.B. put up, his arms are nicely locked at his hips and the handle is square in the center of his body, this is key because they will be the pivot point in the rotation.

Once you get a few down, starts trying to grab them immediately. I have taught countless people that BR and learning to grab it while you’re still figuring it out makes grabbing it much easier in the long run.

hope this helps and makes sense.

alanp 04-07-2012 2:38 PM

take a look at the trick tips section the backroll comes weekly it seems. and next time im at nine mile lake ill take you out and teach you the trick!

king_of_the_wake 04-07-2012 6:50 PM

thanks for the tips guys, ill be sure to focus on what all of you mentioned, can't wait to go riding now !,thanks again :)

norwalkbeast 04-08-2012 4:54 PM

If you can muscle it around drop your back hand. Thats what i had to do and now i can land it every time.

TSimpson 04-17-2012 1:12 PM

It's all in the Hips just pop them out and throw your head back. The trick is landing it

stephan 04-17-2012 1:28 PM

Tom, that is really top to bottom, bad advice.

The bankroll is all in how you leave the wake. The trick to landing it is simple, leave the wake correctly. If you edge correctly the trick completes itself, like Andy said a nice load on the line, stand tall and take everything UP, lead with your chin and voila, bankroll.

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