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hyperlite_boards 04-06-2012 6:09 PM

Hyperlite nova boards
I notice in a lot of the videos i see Murray and Rusty are riding their bio core models. Even at the end of last year i saw rusty on his '11 bio. Is there any reason for this or is it just by chance that they are riding those boards on they days they were shooting? Also the only time i have seen a video with Danny riding the time bomb was in Defy when they had the 2.0 up at radar. Someone please shed some light:confused:

TheHebrewHammer 04-06-2012 7:12 PM

I suppose it's more exposure for all their different models, and honestly, it probably doesn't make any difference in their riding.

TheHebrewHammer 04-07-2012 6:11 AM

That's really interesting, but I find that hard to believe.

benjaminp 04-07-2012 6:54 AM

So do I. He's a big dude but not a giant by any means. I cant believe he breaks so many boards that they made him one 3 lbs heavier, that's just too much added weight. I do believe that he would ride the bio core the majority of the time though.

hyperlite_boards 04-07-2012 6:57 AM

I thought the same thing. Maybe because they ride so hard that the novas aren't built to handle the beating, but then it didn't make sense why they would even build a nova in the first place. I would really hope hyperlite isn't just trying to trick people into spending a ton of money for what they think is the best of the best, but that also wouldn't make sense because if they are not durable enough and people are going to break them hyperlite's warranty is just going to send a free $700 board to them anyway.

joe_crawley 04-07-2012 7:07 AM


Originally Posted by hyperlite_boards (Post 1742744)
I would really hope hyperlite isn't just trying to trick people into spending a ton of money for what they think is the best of the best

It's not just hyperlite. Remember those "Fly" core boards LF sold that rode worse than the regular core. Some people just want a light board, even if it doesn't ride as well or last as long, and who are you to say board manufacturers are wrong for offering that to them.

hyperlite_boards 04-07-2012 8:18 AM

gangstar im just saying that knowing the pros aren't riding their own nova core models because they break so easily its changing my view as a buyer. Im not going to buy a product that is unreliable. Now obviously i do not ride as hard as them but i still do not want to take the chance when i spend that much money. The only other way to get these boards at better prices is to get them used or older models and that means they wont have a warranty. Right now its looking like bio is the better option.

jason95gt 04-08-2012 11:21 AM

There are a couple things going on here: 1. Is that the NOVA boards are in such limited numbers that they didn't have enough produced for him to be riding one late last year or maybe even early this year and 2. Is he typically, and I am not a fan of this phylosiphy and love Rusty and have a Marek, rides a NOVA with the strata track with opposing graphics. He usually has the BIO graphics on his NOVA board. At least that is the way it was when he stop by our shop for some riding.

coreym 04-08-2012 11:37 AM

Its kinda funny to hear what people come up with on threads like this. Some make sense and some it just seems like people like to nay-say and throw salt. I think I can shed a little light on this subject since I used to be the warranty manager at Hyperlite. If the NOVA cores didn't hold up Hyperlite wouldn't make them. There is already too many people who warranty their boards for damage they did or issues that is a blatant abuse of the wake industries warranty policies as a whole. So if there was an inherent design flaw in these boards they wouldn't make them, and they for sure wouldn't make them as long as Hyperlite has made the NOVA cores. There is a reason why some of the old fly weight cores, like the honeycomb, have gone away.

As for Riders riding boards that look like BIO cores or NOVA cores, it really doesn't matter. They ride every day, they abuse the crap out of their boards every day. They ride rails and hit double ups. They ride more in a week than the average rider rides in a year. So most of them get special lay up boards with more reinforcement or something special about them. Half of the time they have the wrong graphic on them so we can figure out which board it is. Atleast that is one of the things that was done while I was there, I don't work there any more so I can't tell you exactly what the practice is right now.

As for the riders riding the "cheaper" BIO boards, most of those are special boards, so those "cheap" boards are usually WAY more expensive because of the way they are layer up. I bet you if you went to one of the board companies and told them you were willing to pay 4 times more than the average board they might sell you one of them if they have them laying around. They usually aren't laying around though. $700 would prob be cheap compared to how much those boards actually cost the company.

I admittedly don't ride enough or hard enough to legitimize spending money on the NOVA cores, but I still do. Whether it actually improves my riding or subconsciously I ride better because I am on better equipment I don't know. Either way it works for me. I would say figure out what works best for you. If you want the lightest, most responsive board get the fly cores. If you are going to destroy your board on rails you should think about moving towards a board that is designed for destruction. I say just get on the water and test them out and figure it out for yourself.

rmotoxxx711 04-08-2012 11:48 AM

I recently had HYPERLITE build me my B Side with a solid steel core, it weighs 26 lbs but is worth cuz I break boards when I Ollie. It my "man" board for my man tricks

TheHebrewHammer 04-08-2012 4:39 PM

Thanks Corey. If what you say is true, my mind is blown. It never occurred to me that pros might need stronger boards.

hyperlite_boards 04-08-2012 6:44 PM

Agreed, thanks for the input guys

logan 04-08-2012 11:35 PM

All wood cores ftw

sippi 04-09-2012 5:52 AM

maybe is like swinging a bat in the on deck circle with a big doughnut on it!!!! and when its game time they switch to the lighter stuff?? haha jk i have no idea and don't really care either way, i'm not good enough to justify spending 700 on a deck so it doesn't bother me!

TheHebrewHammer 04-09-2012 8:06 AM

This guy^

I like his attitude!

logan 04-09-2012 8:17 AM

i just buy the one with the coolest graphics

stephan 04-09-2012 8:22 AM

I know of a couple other companies that will glass a board extra thick for their riders. A friend of mine is a big cat and he rides a double glassed board to this day.

The other thing people don't think about is that many of the boards are just a different graphic. Heck in Rusty's Hyperlite video talking about his new Marek, he mentioned that he was riding his new shape on tour with the old graphic for most of the season.

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