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BlitzedVLX 04-06-2012 12:40 PM

Board Ding Repair - Solarez - Anyone have experience?
My 2011 Harley received a small chip in the bottom between the fins during shipment. The chip is roughly the size of a penny. I see that LF has a repair kit that is made by the brand Solarez which can be found on amazon on the cheap side. Goes on clear and dries in a few minutes. Anyone have experience with this stuff? I want to get something on the chip before I take it out to ride and it gets worse.


nuckledragger 04-06-2012 1:10 PM

I have used solarez for fiberglass surfboards, it works great. With that being said, you need the epoxy version to fix the ding you have.

If you use solarez make sure apply it in your garage completely out of sunlight. Then take it out in the sun for it to cure. I recommend applying the first time to anything other than your board. This will give you a feel for how the product works so you can do it right when you try it on your board.

deltawake 04-08-2012 7:11 AM

In my experience, for a more permanent repair, use a two part epoxy resin. Especially for an edge repair, epoxy works well and is durable. Any five minute epoxy two part resin from the hardware store works well. Make a "form" out of scotch tape, pour the resin on, and let it cure. Then sand to the correct shape. A dremel tool works well.

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