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Nipps 04-05-2012 5:20 PM

Loaded Sanger v230
G'day guys it's hard to find any pics of loaded v230 if you have any pics or vids please show and let me know what setups you are running.

jetskiprosx 04-05-2012 8:12 PM

You looking for wakeboard or surf wake?

Nipps 04-05-2012 8:22 PM

Preferable wakeboarding as that's what I mainly do but even surf pics would be cool

RanchDweller 04-06-2012 3:01 PM

Maybe over at www.sangernation.com you can find some pics.

jetskiprosx 04-06-2012 8:39 PM

Mitch, I'll see what I can find in my photo album. I have more surfing then boarding pics. We removed the rear tanks and put in Fly High 750 sacks. Also have a 500lbs. sack in the ski locker. When boarding we only fill the rear sacks a 1/3 of the way and fill the center sack all the way. It's not a huge wake, but plenty good for my skill level. We have put an additional 750 sack in the bow and filled the rears 1/2 way and the wake was big!

RanchDweller, Sangernation is as good as dead. There is NOTHING happening on that site. It was a great idea, but I guess there just aren't enough Sanger owners out there to warrant needing their own site. I was hoping it would be a good forum but it just doesn't get any traffic (or at least no one posts)

jetskiprosx 04-07-2012 3:01 PM

4 Attachment(s)
Here are some pics, but they're not very good...

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