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brazosfreak05 04-05-2012 7:17 AM

boat models
Can someone please explanin the wake specific models of the different brands out there. Ive grown up around mastercraft so i know what they are but when it comes to malibu and CC i tend to get lost with what models are the more wake specific boats. For instance if im looking up boat on craigslist and i come across a malibu i always wonder if it is a good boat for boarding. I think this information could be usefull to those who are looking to purchase a used boat such as myself. Feel free to list all boat models and manufactures.

FunkyBunch 04-05-2012 7:22 AM

Travis can you give a price range or a year range your looking at this list would get long in a hurry.

bzubke1 04-05-2012 8:30 AM

Nautique- Super Air G23, 210, 230

Malibu- Wakesetter VTX, VLX, 22MXZ, 23LSV, 24LSV. Ride 21v, 23v.

Supra- Launch 21V, 22V, 242

chattwake 04-05-2012 8:57 AM

Axis A20 and A22 - $45-$70k

brazosfreak05 04-05-2012 9:45 AM

So out of the malibu the VTX is the best?
Like they say for mastercraft the most wake specific would be the xstar, how does that compare to the other brands? What are the other brands "x star"?

FunkyBunch 04-05-2012 9:58 AM

Not sure everyone else lines up the way MasterCraft does but here is every ones else's flagship boats

Malibu LSV 247
Supra 242 Worlds
Correct Craft 230 TE now G23 TE
Axis A20

IMO Best wake boat for each not necessarily the flagship boat.
Malibu LSV 23 & the VLX is a tie for me
Supra 242
Correct Craft 210 TE
Axis A20
Again just my opinion.

austin 04-05-2012 10:15 AM


Originally Posted by bzubke1 (Post 1742322)
Malibu- Wakesetter VTX, VLX, 22MXZ, 23LSV, 24LSV. Ride 21v, 23v.

The Malibu situation is slightly more complicated than this due to the fact that some of the above boats can come with the "diamond hull" which is more cross-over friendly and not quite so wake-specific.

Edit: And I might as well add to the list and fill in what little I know that isn't already there:

Moomba - Mojo, Mobius LSV & VLX and Outback V

Epic - 21v and 23v

MB Sports - F21 & F23 Tomcat and B-52 21 & 23 Wide Body

Tige - anything but the "i" models? not 100% sure

P.S. And the Axis "flagship" is the A20? I've always thought "flagship" was a somewhat subjective label, but I would definitely have said there's was the A22.

FunkyBunch 04-05-2012 11:47 AM

My bad Austin is correct on the Axis fat fingered that one
Axis A22

The diamnod hulls and various model changes over the years was why I made my first post.
Changes like no longer making the 24ssv and the cc 220.

h20king 04-05-2012 8:00 PM

For centurion if you want to wakeboard the Enzo 211 is the ticket. All makers put out a nice boat.Just shop around and find what you like

johnny_defacto 04-05-2012 8:29 PM

travis, in my opinion, the "xstar" of the following companies are as follows.

Nautique - SAN 230
Malibu- VLX
Axis- A22
Tige- RZ2
Epic- 23v
Supra- 24ssv or now called the 242 or something
MB- F21 or 21TWB (same boat essentially, but different bows)
Centurion SV211

As for the rest of the brands, I do not have an opinion.

FYI, the way that I came to my opinion is simple.... Whatever model that the sponsored pros of each brand own is the "flagship" or whatever. Mastercraft pros overwhelmingly own/ride the xstar. Nautique may have to be changed by the end of this year to the G23... as of now, it is still the SAN 230.

cwb4me 04-05-2012 8:31 PM

Tige's best wake boats are 20v,Z1,RZR,22V,22VE,RZ2 and the new Z3. Also the 24ve and RZ4,BUT YOU HAVE TO REALLY LOAD THEM UP.

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