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jaxfoiler 04-03-2012 2:26 PM

REV 10 Grills
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Look what showed up today!
These look awesome!
Have to be used in conjunction with the LED rings.

Wet sounds is really stepping up this year

wetsounds1 04-03-2012 4:58 PM

lit up pics please!

Cant wait to see. Are you going to leave the stainless off for the full glow or put it on? I liked both ways so that is why i made the kit with the ability to go either way

Wet Sounds

h20king 04-03-2012 6:49 PM

I placed my order today.I plan on using the stainless overlays and installing them on my new REV 410's when they show up.

jaxfoiler 04-04-2012 2:55 PM

Tim, Ill post some pics of them on here as well as ill send some to Justin for the web site...I didnt even know they were available until Justin was getting an order out to me and said Look what just got stocked on the shelf! I will probably go with out the overlay

jaxfoiler 04-05-2012 1:38 PM

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Here is a couple of quick pics from the iphone...
The LED are not the ones wet sounds sent, this is just some I had laying around that were already hooked up to power....I assume the ones that wet sounds sent out will look very similar.

h20king 04-06-2012 8:59 AM

Chris those look great.I definitely think I'm going with the stainless overlay.The Rev 410 does not have a horn flare so I'm hoping the light will be re directed and illuminate the woofer

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