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jonblarc7 04-03-2012 6:57 AM

Wireless code
I started a new job in a small design firm and the boss donesn't know what the wireless code is. I on the main computer that runs most of the things in the office, is the code stored somewhere in the computer or is there a way to reset it.

04-03-2012 8:10 AM

It's stored in the wireless router / access point. You'll need to access it by IP address eg: with a web browser (yours may be different - check your network settings on your computer - it's probably the "gateway address"). There may be a login / password screen when you get to the router - you'll need that too.

magic 04-03-2012 8:54 AM

Kinda depends on what was done before you.

Like Big D says:
run --> CMD then type ipconfig /all

You'll see your default gateway listed
Put that address in a web browser
You should get prompted for user name and password
Username: Admin
Password: Admin or Password

Once you know the brand of router you can do some searches to see what the default user name and password are. You would be surprised how often these are not changed. If it was changed, you'll need that info.

jonblarc7 04-04-2012 6:08 AM

Thanks guys

But I realized are none of the computers are on wireless my boss even still plugs his laptop into a eithernet cord every day, I don't think its stored on any of the compters. Would I still look for the same thing or can I just reset the wireless router and give it a new password.

buffalow 04-04-2012 7:23 PM

Blair - Quite looking for wires and look for another job. Who is today's world runs a business like that.

magic 04-04-2012 8:35 PM

If you can find the wireless router, just plug a network cable into it. From there you'll get an IP address assigned, follow the steps above to get that address and see if you can access the router.

If no one is using it, maybe you could hard reset it. Usually you'll see a little button on the back that requires something like a pin or expanded paper clip to press. That will restore the factory settings and you should be back to Admin and Admin or Password for username and password.

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