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jaybellnv 04-02-2012 11:56 AM

Over the Tower Cover
I have seen a couple of old posts about these covers, however I have not seen anything recent. I am looking for a cover that would go over the whole tower, and allow the boat to dry a little better. I am in a covered slip, so my current cover holds all the moisture in and I am in the shade all day long.

1) I have seen these guys, however $575 seems a little high:
I assume the boat would get pretty dirty and people could see in fairly easy. I have seen 1 or 2 at my local marina in Kansas City, MO area. Seems like a semi-vented one might work better.

2) Someone mentioned these universal covers, of course, is would look like a junk yard and I don't know about drying.
I don't

3) Other options?

tx_foilhead 04-02-2012 12:41 PM

I've done a cover like the intecoastal in Sumbrella, I loved it. Only downside was it over $1000 to cover a small DD boat, more than 2/3 of the cost was fabric. The intercoastal is a good idea if you live at the lake, I wouldn't want my boat that open most times for the reasons you stated as well as rain protection and I don't want that much sun on the interior. A Sumbrella cover and few cans of damp rid are all you need. That keeps mine nice and dry in the winter for weekly use and it only takes a day to dry with just th cover in summer when we're using it every 2 or 3 days. If you need to speed that up keep a small shop vac around to suck some of the water out before you cover it.

jaybellnv 04-02-2012 2:17 PM

Thanks for the input. The shop vac and damp rid are great ideas. I doubt in the rush to get home, we would always get to all the nooks and crannies that hold water. My slip is in the highest of visible locations, so I feel pretty comfortable about security. Worst case I could put a small cable lock through the wakeboards.

tx_foilhead 04-02-2012 2:46 PM

I stumbled on to the shop vac idea. I keep the boat in a slip down the street and usually detail it and work on it at the house. I just needed to do a quick vacuum last fall and realized how handy it is to have one at the dock. Now I can suck the water out of the carpet and the bildge, and keep the water from puddling on the owners cover too since any rain seems to hit his boat 90% of the time. I put the Damp Rid in the corners that are hard to get at where the water collects and they are always dry when I have the time to check them.

wakeboardin 04-02-2012 3:17 PM

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Is this what you were looking for? If so most cover places can do this for roughly 1500.00 for the whole cover.

jaybellnv 04-02-2012 3:36 PM

Not exactly, I wanted something a little lighter material (for space and removal of moisture) and somewhat vented.

Thanks to all for replies!

monkey_butt 04-02-2012 5:52 PM

Just in case - transhield is actually worth looking at ... I got my new epic delivered with it and just got kicked out of my indoor and heated storage place (50$ a month ... Argh) ... So had no other option than to put that cover on and it's simple and fits over folded tower ... Have attached bar code label pic ... Cost is around 700 and you can use it for winter wrap too ... http://img.tapatalk.com/a693622e-49b7-43a9.jpg

Iceberg 04-04-2012 4:59 PM

This is my cheap mans wrap. This is a 20'x30' lighter duty hay tarp. You can get them on sale for $50-$75. My boat was outside all winter with great results. The wind actually can get inside to pull the moisture out. The tower is partially folded. If you want a better fit, put a few tarp rings in a few strategic locations. Great for keeping the dirt rain and snow out. It is reasonably light and protects the boat from UV fading. I thought about a more expensive over the tower cover, but at $50 every year or 2, it is very economical.


monkey_butt 04-04-2012 7:08 PM

Where did you get it? Fleet farm? You in MN if you mind me asking?

Iceberg 04-04-2012 7:42 PM


The wheel pose is kinda like Angelina at the Oscars. Have a good look at the trailer wheel & fender.... does it look familiar? The Ace & the Lady used to have a heated shed just like your new boat.

I got my tarp from Princess Auto in Winnipeg. I am pretty sure Fleet Farm or similar store would carry one. It is a medium duty tarp.


monkey_butt 04-06-2012 6:42 AM

I looked at the trailer and thought this is a 2011 ;-) but should have made the connection to the user name (don't see your name when using iPhone app) - it otherwise had clicked - or should have ;-)

Anyway - I used the light tarps and they always rip - especially on the sharp corner where the mirror is mounted as well as the screw which holds the mirror itself. The new tarp/wrap has the same issue and during winter times I can easily unmount the mirror but in front of the house it's a different story. And I got kicked out of my heated shed - they sold the building :-( so driveway is a mess ...

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