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supratweaked 04-02-2012 3:41 AM

Want to Ride Behind a G23?
Most of the Divisions at WakeGames are being pulled by the new G23. This is your chance to go check it out for yourselves. I have got to hand it to Nautique for unveiling the new boat and then using it to pull a competition less than three weeks later. This will give many riders at different levels a chance to confirm how good this boats wake is.

Now all you gotta do is go sign up!

holdsworth 04-02-2012 5:41 AM

Being an hour from Orlando, it has killed me in the past that I haven't been able to ride in Wake Games due to the event always falling on the same week as my semester finals. This year, this is not the case, so I would've been able to ride. This also happens to be the year that I'm not riding, so big fail on me and Wake Games :banghead:

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