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wakeboardlf25 04-01-2012 9:30 AM

shoulder braces
I had my 2nd shoulder surgery on my shoulder due to constant dislocation. Ive finished up therapy and im at about 80% strength now. Does anyone on here use a shoulder brace when they ride. If so what are some options out there that would be water safe.

04-01-2012 10:12 AM

Umm, ask ur PT and DOCTOR N

ToPHeR35 04-01-2012 10:19 AM

Join the club! I had 3 surgeries on my right shoulder. I played D1 baseball at a major university.

cdtex14 04-02-2012 7:20 AM

Check out the ones from EVS. I wore one for several yrs after surgery. I wouldn't say it would prevent a re-injury but it def helps some and it also keeps you aware of your problem.


04-02-2012 8:48 AM

I've got a rotator cuff that acts up from time to time. I occasionally wear one of these and it works pretty well.


mracrew 04-04-2012 5:31 PM

I had shoulder issues since 09 with it sublexing and I started wearing an older version of the EVS one posted with the velcro straps. Lasted 2 seasons without issues till it tore and needless to say I'm currently 2 months post op shoulder surgery. I bought the new one posted and the support is not nearly as good as the old one version. Try and find an old version of the SB03 with the 3 velcro straps where you can really taylor the movement and keep your shoulder in a safe zone. It doesn't look as good as the new strap but the support is much butter.

mrm2083 05-01-2012 8:45 AM

I know I'm bumping an old thread but I wanted to offer some advice. I have a torn labrum and tried the EVS brace and some other brands. None of them worked so I made my own "brace" that you may want to try out. Basically its just a piece of neoprene that wraps around my arm right above my elbow with an adjustable strap that connects to the lower strap on my life vest. I can then adjust the strap depending how much movement I want. For my shoulder to pop out my arm needs to go up and back so I just put this tight enough where it will stop my arm before it hits that point but loose enough to have as much movement as possible. This setup will pretty much guarantee your shoulder won't dislocate and I would recommend it for about a year after surgery because it really takes a while before your shoulder is good to go.

jsw 05-01-2012 9:03 PM

Manny, that sounds good. I've currently been using the EVS brace with velcro straps. It worked great for about 3 seasons, but the velcro has worn out the brace and wont stay strapped any more. The thing you have made actually sounds like it would work great. Could you by any chance post some pics for us??

mrm2083 05-02-2012 7:48 PM

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This is the best pic I have of it. U can see it around my left arm and then it just attaches to the lifejacket. It has an adjustable strap so i can tighten it or loosen it. It's basically a movement vs safety thing. Since its my left hand and I'm goofy it doesn't effect basic inverts. Don't know how it would work for someone if its their main hand or they are really good.

moon 05-03-2012 3:51 PM

Manny, when I played football in HS I had a similar strap that was connected to my shoulder pads except the strap was worn a little higher on the bicep. With your setup, how far can you extend your left arm in front of you and where is it connected to the vest? I haven't had any shoulder issues in a while, but here is some simple advice if don't already know... When I'm in the air and don't think I'm gonna make it I let go of the rope and cross my arms (basically hug my body). Before surgery and what not I would try to catch myself or my arms would flail and that is when I seemed to do the most damage.

mrm2083 05-07-2012 8:12 AM

My vest has a strap that goes near the waste and the strap for my arm is connected to it. Basically I can loosen it as much as I want. Like you mine only dislocates if i flail my arms. My arm needs to go up, out and back to pop out. I just loosen this up to the point where i can throw my arm in that direction and it will stop it. Been doing this for 4 years now without incident. It won't stop from spins but it would probably make it hard to do something like a whirly if your front arm is the now with the brace.

Prokurat 05-22-2012 4:58 AM


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