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ironj32 03-30-2012 7:36 PM

input needed!
I'm needing everyones insight on something - As a consumer, would you NOT buy a boat because it had been used for about 10 hrs in brackish water (mix of fresh/salt water)? Engine was flushed and boat washed down after every use.

Would this be an issue for you or would you not really care?

Thanks a million!

816 03-30-2012 11:29 PM

you have to assume the worst case scenerio. I passed on a nice boat advertised on WW, It had the salt water package but had never been in salt water. Why would you opt. for that? scared me off...

ironj32 03-31-2012 6:05 AM

Some dealers buy all of their boats with the Salt Water package, just because they are in an area the would allow for both salt and fresh water and they don't know where exactly their potential customers will be going. Right now I've got leads on two boats: one is super pimped out with a custom trailer and every bell and whistle you can think of, the other is same model/year/hrs just with a few less options. Both have the salt water package, but the "nicer" one has been used in brackish water for about 10 hrs, the other is fresh water only. They are within $3000 of each other in price.

I plan to trade it in the fall...both will have less than 200 hrs and 3 years left on engine warranty, after I'm done with them.

Thanks for the input Ben! I'd love to hear other peoples opinions...keep 'em coming.

stephan 03-31-2012 8:13 AM

I'm of the mind that brackish water is something that I would avoid at all costs. When I was a kid our first boat had been used in brackish water for a small amount of time (12 hours or so), there was nothing wrong with the boat and it ran fine. The main issue was a few spots of corrosion in the engine compartment and the trailer was absolutely jacked. You simply can not get all the salt off and things start to rust quick.

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