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tantrum999 08-20-2003 2:12 PM

Urgent help on what to do about risers on a 1996 ski nautique. Ther is a high level of scaling in the system. if i get them off what can i do to clean it all out? replacement is too costly. <BR>The boat is overheating from trhe risers to the outlet (exhaust) i have undone the bottom nut and water gushes out but not alot out of the main outlet. in simple words the engine runs great till the exhausts get too hot the engine temp is normal being a closed system. <BR> <BR>any clues

blastmaster 08-21-2003 9:35 AM

Call a radiator shop and ask if they can be hot tanked or if it's too caustic. Next choice would be to have them bead blasted but might not be able to get to all the corners very well. <BR> <BR>Let us know what works, Also ck with Richard @ <a href="http://www.skidim.com" target="_blank">www.skidim.com</a> if you need the gaskets or decide to order new manifolds. <BR> <BR>Rick

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