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03-29-2012 7:08 AM

Anyone work as a pharmaceutical rep??
Or know anyone who does? I have a few past friends who did, enjoyed it & went onto medical equipment sales.

But wanting to try and get into the field, Im great dealing w/ people, enjoy talking lol and was curious as to the best way without having B2B sales exp and records to show sales achievements. Ive been in the professional workforce for 9 yrs now after graduating college.

Any thoughts? Ive been trying to network with young professionals like myself as well. Thanks!

bakermatt 03-29-2012 7:20 AM

No but I think you can earn a lot, so I would assume it's a good option, if you are good dealing with people.

jarrod 03-29-2012 11:28 AM

I've never sold pharma, but I've known people that have. Depending on who you're selling to, I know it can be a grind. If you're selling to doctors, prepare to have the door slammed in your face over and over again. If you're an attractive female, I hear it helps.

Software as a Service (SAAS) is where the money is right now. Business software delivered via the cloud can earn you a 6 figure income quickly. And everyone is hiring. Including us.

stepintoliquid 03-29-2012 12:07 PM

Taking apps via WakeWorld J-Rod? haha

acurtis_ttu 03-30-2012 7:44 AM

I've had several good friends who started in pharama and have moved to medical sales ( where the good $$ is ) $200k + yr.

My ex wife has worked in pharma sales for about 5 years.

#1 Sex sells.....the job is borderline laughable if your a hot girl. My wife barely worked (2-3 days a wk) and pulled in over $100k yr. She knew how to use her sexuality to work doctors.
#2 If your'e not good looking...dont' even consider it....guys or girls. I've been to company functions wiht my ex wife....its litterlaly like being at a maxim hottest 100 people party, lol.
#3 if your just an average guy...there is a little hope......hope that you interview with a woman , and be able to sell ice to eskimo's. some people have the gift....u know it if u have it.

Lastly, the product your selling will make or break the job....especially if your a guy.

norcalrider 03-30-2012 8:17 AM

What Adam said. Met a pharma rep the other night. Former playboy playmate and UFC ring girl. Gorgeous.

dbdb 03-30-2012 3:42 PM

My wife is a rep (and has been for 13 years), and while I would agree that a majority of the reps are fairly attractive, I wouldn't go as far as some here have. She has a target list of doctors to see, and a majority of them are willing to listen for a few minutes and then sign for their samples. I think what products you are selling has a lot to do with it.

It seems like all the big companies are downsizing their sales force right now, so it may be a tough door to get in. It might be easier to try to find a smaller company and get in with them.

www.cafepharma.com has some listings.

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