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muurph84 03-28-2012 1:13 PM

any idea on when some photos will be out? I thought I read that it was going to be showing up at some boat show in the north west?

501s 03-29-2012 9:45 AM

This was a boat I was pretty close to ordering. Glad I didn't, there still isn't even a finished boat yet!

Preston 03-29-2012 9:50 AM

I thought I heard there was a boat show early next month in SoCal that it was suppose to make its debut at.

muurph84 03-29-2012 12:43 PM

thanks for the update. I am really curious to see what their new tower looks like? its really the only thing on their current models that I don't like. hopefully someone will pull a fast one on them like they did the SN :)

chattwake 03-29-2012 12:46 PM

I swear to god I was on the mb site the other day and the build a boat feature had the F24 on there. It has a very nautique looking two point tower on it. This is not a surprise, right?

wakereviews 03-29-2012 1:02 PM

I have heard that there might be something coming out maybe this weekend... stay tuned. I've seen pics. The new tower is skylon and there is a youtube video of it somewhere, can't remember where I saw it.

wakereviews 03-29-2012 1:04 PM

if you go on their site and just hover over the F24 you will see the original mock up

FunkyBunch 03-29-2012 1:04 PM

Ian I think this is the video you were looking for.


pureblue 03-29-2012 1:23 PM

New tower looks sweet. Is that going to be on all their lineup?

tyler97217 03-29-2012 2:26 PM

Pretty cool. Ian what color scheme did you end up with on yours?

shawndoggy 03-29-2012 2:32 PM

they should do a webcast at say 5:55 p.m. eastern? LOL.

wakereviews 03-29-2012 2:34 PM

I haven't picked out a scheme yet. Probably won't get mine until late May :( They have two gel schemes for the F24 and I haven't seen the 2nd one yet, so i'm waiting to see that before I choose colors.

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