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Dmac420sj 03-28-2012 12:09 PM

Stereo q's
Ok I just wanted to get some input from everyone. I'm doing my first stereo in my v210 and am gonna be putting in a 12" kicker sub w/1500 watt amp ,4 kicker6.5" cab speakers w/1000 watt amp,4 kicker6.5" tower speakers with1000 watt amp. I'm am thinking a 2 deka 8A31DTM total with a perko switch and a on board smart charger my q's is what kind of charger would be best do I have enough batteries and do I need a isolated? Thanks any info would be great

topside_marine 03-28-2012 1:10 PM

Hi Chris,

There are many questions that I would ask before advising on this type of system. Give me a call at 408 271 2628 and I will be happy to pass on some thoughts on your setup. It seems that you may have some pretty good mismatches on equipment?? (1000W amp to power 4 Kicker speakers seems like a little overkill on the amp. Most of the 6" kicker speakers I have seen seem to run at about 75W or so. Unless you have a speaker capable of around 150+ watts running 250W per channel may be much more than you need).

Topside Marine
408 271 2628

chpthril 03-28-2012 3:29 PM

If you are installing a multi-battery switch, then you are installing an isolator/combiner, all be it a manual one. Are you asking about an ACR/VSR automatic isolator/combiner?

The number of batteries and thier size, will depend on how you intend to use the system. If you mainly ride, then a 2-battery system is fine. If you intend to sit for hours anchored and play the tunes, then no, you need more battery amp hours.

You will need specific amp and speaker models in order to be able to ball-park thier average current draw.

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