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wofrankwo 03-27-2012 10:58 PM

What is " Skim Style " and What is " Surf Style "
I copied this from another post where Robert and I were wondering about how a certain board was going to be classified. It starts muddled from being pulled from another post but after stating My Opinion I would hope that others would post their Opinions and maybe even the " Powers That Be " could enlighten us about the Difference Betwee Skim and Surf!!

Maybe it's the Competition Scoring that needs to be decided as to what is Skim and what is Surf!! If Skim Style and Surf Style are going to be judged alike as per points per trick then they have to come up with " What defines a Skim Board and What defines a Surf Board ". I have never read anywhere about the Characteristics of a Board relating to being judged Skim or Surf Style. If a so called " Skim Rider " on a " Skim Board " competed in the Surf Style Comp he would win every time it would seem to me since he or she would be able to do far more tricks for points then a " Surf Rider " on a " Surf Board " could do. So if the Skim Style and Surf Style were judged differently as Skim for Points Per Trick and Surf for either Ocean Surf Style or Surf Style with a Mandatory Trick List then the what is a Skim Board vs what is a Surf Board would never have to be decided. Each rider would know how each was going to be scored and they could choose whatever board they wanted accordingly. It's funny to me that everybody worries about Skim becoming Surf and not that Surf is becoming Skim. Maybe it's because a " Surf Style Board " would never compete in a Skim Contest due to its performance so no one cares but a " Skim Style Board " would dominate a Surf Contest hands down!!

This is all my opinion but if you are going to have 2 different divisions then they should be scored as 2 different divisions. It seems to me you could argue forever in what makes a Skim or Surf Board. Fin size and board size would and could be argued forever as to where you stop and start the distinctions. But if each class had its own Scoring System you would never have to deal with the board issue. It could be simple as Skim Style is this and Surf Style is that!!

ragboy 03-28-2012 11:05 AM

The problem is that no one really agrees about all of those things, and working it out is not as easy as it sounds. I do agree that "the trick list" approach is just going to make both divisions surf more and more the same. I don't think it will help "separate" the divisions when it comes to style.

Something else to think about, though, is how do you really define surf style? Especially as more young riders are going to come up without any knowledge of ocean surfing. They are going to learn how to wakesurf and model guys like Chase and James and Keenan, and probably not Slater, Foo, etc.

tonyv420 03-28-2012 1:38 PM

I'm gonna make it point to ride my IS Black Pearl all year this season! I would consider it a skim board. I call my Koal a surf board. I think divisions judged differently would make sense. But not sure how to classify any particular board to a division?? Maybe rocker/fin style/thickness?? Very confusing!

Chaos 03-28-2012 2:13 PM

Robert makes some good points. I for one have always been the biggest advocate for people owning their sport. It is not truly surfing, whether riding a skim board or a surf board. Wake Surfing just happens to be the best way to describe the activity at the moment. As far as the styles go, they are worlds apart, and it is not a effect of the board alone but it is a large part. The board dictates style (and lack there of) to a large degree. There are different degrees of fluidity and control that are on opposing ends of the spectrum for each 'style' type. And in-between are countless hybrids where the style of riding has as much to do with skating as it does surfing. For those that actually surf, it tends to be cut and dry. Of course, those that surf also, know how to install fins properly and how to take care of a surfboard, and countless other differences. Boat culture and surf culture only merge in this medium, but they do not overlap or mix.....

tuneman 03-30-2012 12:54 PM

I just can't figure out what you guys are trying to say. Would anyone actually ever use a hybrid in competition? I doubt it. Either you have fins that drive(surf) or a fin just for tracking (skim). And you can score them the same as long as it's surf vs. surf and skim vs. skim. What am I missing?

wofrankwo 03-30-2012 2:07 PM

Chaos i think you nailed it pretty good with your Wake Surf definition!! after reading about the CWSA and their plan to move forward it is pretty much everything i was hoping for ....... a clear cut definition of the rules that we all can see and understand and follow

Tuneman ever since i got into wakesurfing it was all about Surf Style breaking away from Skim Style. My experiences have led me to the opinion that it looked like Surf and Skim were growing closer together again. Hopefully the CWSA will lead the sport in a united direction with its new policy!!

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