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kwm55 03-25-2012 7:20 PM

06 Moomba Outback v ballast set-up
I'm looking for some help on weighting my 06 outback v. Right now my boat has 400 lb wedge sacs in the rear lockers, and a 400 pound sac in the ski locker. It also has the trim plate. I've been surfing with my phase 5 skimboard on and off for the last ffew seasons. I just picked up a triple x slayer "one love" board. I'm looking to get into surfing more, and hoping someone can help me with the best ballast setup for my boat. I'm looking into getting more sacs. I surf regular. The best wave I had was with the front and left sacs full, trim tab at half, one passenger in bow, three passengers in the main lounge left side, and the driver. Would filling the right side sac up help? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

newty 03-26-2012 6:30 AM


Lots of helpful info over there.

wakepunk16 05-16-2012 6:30 PM

fill your back one on the side you want to surf.. throw a 600lb on the floor and one on the seat on the side you want to surf.. play with the ski locker one to clean up the wave...

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