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fman 03-24-2012 7:27 PM

Malibu kickplate ideas? pics?
My 12" sub is behind my kickplate in a seperate box, I am looking for some ideas of what owners have down on there Malibu boats, regardless of year, for the drivers kickplate. My kickplate is blank, and I am looking for ideas with LED lights, emblems, acrylic facings, cut-outs, etc...

If you have a picture of what you have done please post it up.

Thank you...

brett564 03-27-2012 1:56 AM

I'm not sure what a kick plate is.

lakesurfer 03-27-2012 7:50 AM


Originally Posted by brett564 (Post 1739926)
I'm not sure what a kick plate is.

I believe he is talking about the fake wall under the driver's helm that is hiding his sub.

tyler97217 03-27-2012 7:54 AM

Bu Coo
The kickplate he is talking about is the wall by the drivers feet. Many people have their sub or heater vent there.
-You could cut a hole there and stick your sub through it so it is exposed.
-You could get a matching W for wakesetter that matches your graphics
-Many supra's used to have a nylon net that you could screw to the wall and use for storage of phones, id, insurance card, etc....

WetBox1 03-27-2012 9:01 AM

What model Malibu do you have?

WetBox1 03-27-2012 9:07 AM

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Heres a fiberglass kick plate we build.

durty_curt 03-27-2012 10:20 AM

Looks like that thing just needs a speaker grill then that design would be bullet proof!

fman 03-27-2012 11:27 AM

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Originally Posted by WetBox1 (Post 1739964)
What model Malibu do you have?

I have a 2011... this is what the current kickplate looks like from the factory, I added two pullout heater tubes but am looking for a emblem to add to it. I just installed a red LED light shining down on the kickplate, my sub is mounted behind the kickplate in a seperate box.

fman 03-28-2012 6:55 PM

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Finished up my kickplate today, ran down to TAP plastics and fabbed up a piece of acrylic with the WS shield logo and a red LED light shining down. Fun project, and its nice to have something on the kickplate now. The pics dont do much justice for the LED light, it looks pretty nice with the red LED shining down on it.

Bamabonners 03-28-2012 8:26 PM

Hey Travis, how did you get kick plate off? My sub is in a box behind it as well.

tyler97217 03-28-2012 8:46 PM

Nice work. That is a cool addition for sure! I might have to copy you this year cause I am mounting my sub behind the kick plate as well.... Wanna make me one with a Supra "S"? You could go into biz!!!

fman 03-28-2012 11:19 PM

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Preston, attached is a diagram of where all the screws are located. You must remove the corner moulding piece first to access all the screws along the left side of the plate. They are hard to find, the carpet really makes it tough to locate them. Get a phillips and probe around for them, you will eventually find them. Once located you can use a cordless and back them out quickly. The red dots are the screws located on the inside of the corner piece, there are three of them, they are pretty easy to find because of the washer.

fman 03-28-2012 11:25 PM


Originally Posted by tyler97217 (Post 1740428)
Nice work. That is a cool addition for sure! I might have to copy you this year cause I am mounting my sub behind the kick plate as well.... Wanna make me one with a Supra "S"? You could go into biz!!!

Thanks Diggs, its a pretty simple job, 12" x 12" acrylic piece, I made a pattern out of cardboard and TAP then cut it out and finished the edges for me. Im done for projects for awhile, now looking forward to some warmer weather coming our way... although the rain is nice in nor-cal, we definitely can use it right now.

Looking forward to seeing your pics of the new boat, did you by chance get Skiers Choice to throw some metal flake in the gelcoat for you?

tyler97217 03-29-2012 7:25 AM

Cool. I will look into that and might try and copy it. No metal flake for me. I did not ask actually. I am not much of a metal flake guy.

spencerwm 03-29-2012 11:18 PM


This was the Wakeside Malibu VLX system. The observers compartment and the panel at the drivers feet. It sucked when I had to change that heater core but it did have some bump. Two Image Dynamic IDMax 12's.

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