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travisz 03-24-2012 4:27 PM

WOW!! Is the only word I can think of after this morning session..... I have not ridden a CWB since the Yellow Zane board,..... and this morning I rode a 144 CWB DB9... My girl claims she noticed me getting a good foot higher on wake to wake jobs, and my spins looked more smooth than last summer.... The way that board rides in the water and its pop is rediculous! I read it has more rocker than most boards on the market today, and I will vouch to say its true, and is probably the fastes and smoothest board I have ever been on. Thank you CWB for creating this rediculous board!

cwb4me 03-24-2012 5:03 PM

+1 for CWB . I ride the Marius.

guido 03-26-2012 2:29 PM

Yup, I love that shape. Really fast and poppy. The DB9 is also super light.

Glad you liked it.

Jeff 03-26-2012 2:31 PM

Got a Transcend at the end of last season. Most pop I've ever felt of any board I've tried. Took a little while to get used to being booted that hard.

travisz 03-26-2012 2:37 PM

Its weird.. not many so cal riders are riding CWB... im on a mission to change that!

joeshmoe 03-26-2012 6:47 PM

If you want PoP and a loose board the db9 will do just fine.

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