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jefros 03-23-2012 1:22 PM

RGB underwater lights
I was curious if anyone has had any experience with using RGB underwater lights. The only ones I found were the Abyss s1560. They are a little expensive but I thought the multicolor and flashing/strobe effects might be pretty cool. Any thoughts?

you_da_man 03-23-2012 2:58 PM

I was going to get that same Abyss light as well until I realized I needed 2 of them because my boat has the wedge in the way for just 1 light. I couldn't justify right at $1,750-$1,850 for 2 of those, install, and remote box. Also, IF you wanted to add tower or interior RGB lights, at this point there is no remote that will connect or sequence the Abyss RGB underwater lights to other RGB lights.

jefros 04-06-2012 6:46 PM

I know they are a little steep in pricing. That is why I am trying to get some feedback. I was hoping someone might have some experience with them before I plunk down a chunk of change on them???

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