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the_fish 03-22-2012 11:26 AM

Base Adapter for '09 Company Bindings
Anybody have any they would like to get rid of or know where I could find them? I've used them only for Co. boards the last few years and now I need the adapters for a non-Co. board.

03-22-2012 1:04 PM

I forgot what were company boots mine were but they were the black and red with 3 velco straps. Im pretty sure I bought them in 09. But i didn't need any adapter plate and I put those boots on hyperlite, LF, and ronix boards with out a problem. However, I did need to add spacer on the top of the bolts because they were too long. Just make sure you have two different mounts on each boot. One mount has a oblong circle so the bolt can move around to certain degrees.

irishrider92 03-22-2012 1:36 PM

I have them and could ship them if you'll cover the cost but its likely to be around $50 cos I'm based in Ireland. More likely though would be to find out if you could get a pair from slingshot cos the D3s and PB Floyds used the same 4 hold pattern. Not 100% if they'd fit the Company boots though.

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