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wakeworld 03-20-2012 2:03 PM

Help Me Support The Challenged Athletes Foundation
I'm doing a 5k obstacle run called the ROC Race to try to raise money for the Challenged Athletes Foundation. The Challenged Athletes Foundation is a world leader in helping individuals with physical challenges get involved – and stay involved – in sports.

Soooo, I'm looking for donations from anyone who would like to help...even if that means just $5 or $10. If you would be kind enough to help out, just go to my donation page and make a donation online.

If you can't make a donation, maybe you can post the link below on Facebook and other social networks to see if you can get people to donate. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


wakeworld 03-21-2012 10:43 AM

Whoo hoo! We're up to $165!

wakeworld 04-20-2012 3:47 PM

Where's the love? I need $55 more to reach my personal goal. Help a brotha out!

phantom5815 04-20-2012 8:03 PM


wakeworld 04-20-2012 8:41 PM

Damn, I was hoping for a few people to get together to put me over the top, but you did it in one fell swoop. That was very generous of you!!! Thanks so much!!!

phantom5815 04-21-2012 3:32 AM

If you want me to, I can drop my donation just see how many friend you really have on WW or you can just bump up your goal. :)

wakeworld 04-21-2012 8:29 AM

I already bumped up my goal! :) Thanks again!

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