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DanBaker 03-19-2012 8:02 PM

Looking to ride in Central Ilinois
I just moved down to Decatur, Il... yay me. I graduated moved down here for my job and know zero people around here. I am hoping someone has a spot for me on their boat. I will pay for my share of gas, food, etc, and help with boat responsibilities. I am 25, chill, and respectful of people's stuff. I am competent and willing learn to drive your boat so you can get out on the water more.

I didn't pick up wakeboarding until end of college on the Michigan Club team. I'm still a novice, only having gone out about a dozen times. Basically I was able to clear the wake healside and only have been behind a SAN 210. I have the fever and want to progress. I have my own board and a wakeskate that I would be willing to let people use. Also I was thinking of getting wakesurf board sometime for fun. However my goal is to progress as fast and as much I can in wakeboarding.

I would really like to find some people within an hour of decatur that are looking to run on the weekdays. Weekends are good too, and I'm willing to drive further since I don't usually have to come in on the weekend.

Please someone out there adopt me to their boat and save me from boredom!

jrbishop4 03-21-2012 8:09 PM

I know of a few people that ride on lake Decatur. Keep your eye out there. If you have time check with Doug at The Liquid Edge and stop by when he has events and you will find tons of people. I am in Peoria and ride the river here and Clinton Lake. We are always looking for people to ride. If you can't find anyone closer and want to drive to Peoria let me know we have a X2 and Xstar we ride behind.

brichter14 03-22-2012 6:08 AM

Ive got an i/o with a tower and such and im always lookin for more. Im by lake shelbyville which is 20 miles from dec. we go up to clinton this time of year mostly. I ride alot with my friend down in shelbyville who has an axis a20 and hes always lookin for atleasy a third to come with us so pm me ur number and we can getcha back on the water

DanBaker 03-22-2012 9:02 PM

Glad to get some responses. Justin thanks for the heads up about riding in decatur. Peoria would be doable for me on the weeknds but a too for weekdays. Lake clinton is close enough to me for either weekdays or weekends.

Ben I pmed you.


07LSV 03-23-2012 1:56 PM

I replied to your post on wakeboarder too, but i'm from Decatur. I bought an 07 moomba LSV a few months back, so we're still adjusting things. We're riding on clinton for now, but will be on decatur before too long with the temps being up.

brichter14 03-23-2012 5:28 PM

Brando u going anytime soon?

07LSV 03-23-2012 8:15 PM

Hoping to get out sunday, but we arent entirely sure yet. Want me to let you know? PM me your #, I dont think I have it in my new phone.

DanBaker 03-24-2012 1:34 PM

Brandon I would definitely be definitely down to come out on your boat. Clinton or decatur would work for me. I am going to send everyone who replied a pm with my number, I hope to get out with some or all of you. This thread has been very encouraging, because I thought the odds were going to be closer to zero chance of getting out on boat.

mikpress33 04-26-2012 1:13 AM

I live in TX right now, but i grew up in decatur and am probably gonna end up moving back. I'm huge into wakeboarding now and ride boat and cable all the time, and i was gonna die if i couldn't ride when i possibly come back. i'll keep an eye out on here for you guys lol

Boost_GSXR 05-03-2012 1:58 PM

This may be to much of a drive for you but you are welcom to come out my way. I ride the Fox river in elgin and a few lakes on the Chain-O-Lakes. I have a Mastercraft X-30, plenty of room for more people.

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