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Houstonshark 03-19-2012 4:59 PM

Ronix Parks Carbon Thruster
I know wakeboard company wakesurf boards are frowned upon to but from the first time I saw this board I really wanted it. These boards are supposed to be pretty limited and was a difficult to get but Daniel at M2 Sports in Houston pulled it off again.

I picked it up last week and despite only surfing once before I'm excited to get it out on the water. The multiple fin locations and options are cool but I'm really not sure where to set them up or which size to use. Any suggestions?

It comes with 5) 2.3" fins and 5) 2.9" fins. Do the taller fins just help the board track better?




Chaos 03-19-2012 6:29 PM

The fin plugs are set up to ride either as a standard thruster (two lead rail fins and a single center fin), twin (minus the center fin), or a quad with two rear fin placement options, hence the 3 plugs (lead rail fins, and the trailers). You are going to want to use the larger fins for the forward drive fins, and you can try the smaller or larger ones for rears... Off hand, the fins sound kinda small for a board of this size, but rider size is also a factor. I would suggest shelving the ronix fins and buying a set of FCS PC3s or PC2s depending on your size.

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