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cwkoch 03-19-2012 2:46 PM

Touchless Boat Cover- Who's using one??
How many people here are using Touchless Boat Covers on a free standing lift?? Have you ever had any issues with them?? How do you like them?

surffresh 03-19-2012 2:52 PM

I like it but bugs can fly in and do their thang, we also have dirt dobbers and they wreek havik inside and out of the cover, the touchless is great for UV / sun but is not the total cover, I got mine about 8 years ago for 4 grand, my neighbor just priced one for 7 +

bobenglish 03-19-2012 5:22 PM

I have an Ultimate Boat Cover. Far less expensive and does the same thing. Works great. Plus, the boat dries out much better sitting under the canopy of the Ultimate boat cover where I can leave all the hatches open, than covered with the original boat cover.

The Ultimate Boat Cover is sold by LiquidAudioSounds.com. Talk with Tom.

cwkoch 03-20-2012 7:29 AM

Vision- Thanks! I've never heard of them before. It looks like that's about the only other option for power covers. I emailed them and they told me they have built them before for free standing lifts. He's going to send me pictures. It seems like a good alternative if it's built as well as the Touchless Cover.

TR4321 03-21-2012 9:33 PM

I have a Marine Concepts boat cover. The folks at my lake with a Touchless Boat Cover all want to replace theirs with a cover like mine. www.worldsbestboatcover.comn

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TR4321 03-22-2012 7:05 AM

Marine Concepts. www.worldsbestboatcover.com Sorry for typo.

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marc 03-04-2013 12:26 PM

Touchless Cover
I HAD a touchless cover for less than 2 years, it was always broken down , never worked properly or fit the way it claim's too. Birds and spider poo all over my boat each weekend we went back to our lake home. I feel they like the boat better with this cover on it than before, from the mess that small insects, and animals did.
The cost was outrageous for what you get or I should say not get ....the quality is lacking.
I paid nearly $7000 installed for it to cover my '08 Xstar and it did not live up to what they say.
I contacted the owner in FL. Gary Elbers and he hasn't done a thing to help me out. In fact very arrogant and uniformed of the current cover market. I have other friends that have had similar issues to no resolve.
My suggestion is save your money! There are better much less expensive products!
Boating enthusiast for decades....but this is not a good experience!
That is why I ... Had ...and not Have!
Hamden, CT.

Gare 03-06-2013 9:46 AM

Touchless Boat Covers
I have researched the Touchless Cover and I have no record of this cover at all, Iím wondering if you might be thinking of a different product. Please call me at 877-679-2217 and I will be more than happy to discuss what we can do to help. I do not ever remember talking to you. We back our products and have for 14 years. We pride our self as a manufacture for great service. We go above and beyond to support our Dealers and their customers. We have sold thousands of Touchless Covers all over the U.S. and our customers are very pleased, in fact I would like to thank Mr. Koch for purchasing his Touchless Cover. He is the gentleman that started this blog.

Kind Regards
Gary Elbers

kronoss 03-06-2013 8:41 PM

Why not just get some tarps from harbour freight for under 20 bucks

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