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bmr82 03-15-2012 9:47 PM

anyone riding near Jacksonville, N?
Will be in Jax soon for about a month. Have all my gear, can drive, clean up, and good for gas.

bmr82 03-20-2012 5:47 PM

anyone? anyone?

ndh2o 03-21-2012 6:03 AM

I am sure there are some riders in that area, but living here all my life, I rarely see or hear about any. I am about 2 hours away in Wilson, but you are welcome to come ride with us if you can make the drive.

There is also The East Coast Wake Park in Greenville, NC that would be worth the drive. They have a SeaDoo rail lake, and a 2.0 cable lake. Contest on Apr 21 if you are in the area then. Usually get some pretty big name rail riders there, and it is always a great time.

There is also some decent kiteboarding up and down the NC coast, so you may look into that, if of any interest to you. I haven't tried it yet, but probably will soon.

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