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ReSession 03-15-2012 3:33 PM

Clean up your wakesurf board's white traction pad with OxyClean
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I have a few boards with white traction pads that have black marks from my old racks, and wanted to see if they'd clean up? I tossed half a scoop of OxyClean into a pitcher half-filled with warm water and grabbed a clean scrub brush. I didn't even let the OxyClean sit, I just scrubbed for a few seconds on the marks and they came right out...give it a try!

Before (left) and after (right)

inland_surfer 03-15-2012 4:34 PM

Great hint !

tonyv420 03-18-2012 10:10 AM

I used a magic eraser on ny black pearl, took all the scuff marks off the rails with a gentle wipe. Polished it with boat butter and instant brand new looking!

durty_curt 03-18-2012 10:50 AM

Nice work on the little trick! Can you figure out a way to remove tree sap from vinyl now?

ReSession 03-26-2012 3:00 PM

DC - in response to your question about removing sap from vinyl...

Try the following:

1. Meguiars 'Quick Detail'...easy on the vinyl, should break the sap up
2. Use a clay bar with the Quick Detail (should pull off the sap, don't rub so hard that the clay bar fills into the cracks of the vinyl)
3. Mineral spirits + cotton cloth, followed by soap and water
4. if none of those work...try Goof Off > BUT do not rub hard, you can actually screw up the vinyl. Less pressure is better.

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