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tyler97217 03-15-2012 8:18 AM

Cable park info for West Coast and Oregon
Thought I would spread some of the info in regards to the proposed cable park they are gonna build in Hood River, Oregon.

Here is info on meetings to support the cable park if you would like to get involved:

Here is info on the cable park itself:

slob02 03-15-2012 8:35 AM

What are some of the reason people oppose cable parks??? I just don't get it. It brings people to the area........possible jobs........things for kids and families to do? It is a win win to me?? What am I missing?

tyler97217 03-15-2012 10:27 AM

I have not really been following it too much but in Oregon they will find an environmental or BS impact on anything. They have slowly by surely been closing off many of our water ways to wake, wake enhancing devices, ballast, etc as well. There are limited places we can even take our boat now to participate in water sports.

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