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Auswake01 03-12-2012 9:53 PM

Help selecting new board!
Hi guys, just after some advice on another board purchase. Currently am riding a 2012 ronix mana (135cm prob too short ha)... But am not liking the pure flat bottom for landings ( way to harsh on knees ). Although I do like how it holds a nice progressive edge and breaks free on the water and is rather slippery and easy for surface spins. Thinking of either a : byerly blunt. Or the slingshot response as I have heard great reviews, just wondering what you guys think and any other brand you may think of. Im 5,9" and 169 what siZe board do you recommend. Thanks alot!!

alexair 03-12-2012 10:09 PM

absolutely brand new thread on WW!

wakerider111 03-12-2012 10:17 PM


Originally Posted by Auswake01 (Post 1737043)
Hi guys, just after some advice on another board purchase. Currently am riding a 2012 ronix mana (135cm prob too short ha)...

I would suggest something between 137 and 142
135 is definitely too short. that would partially explain why your landings are so harsh.
you may even see if you can exchange the board for a larger one since it is a 2012 and likely still as-new. then decide from there if you want a new board.

Me, i am biased toward slingshot. I would recommend them to anyone. but before that recommendation always comes the cliche recommend to "demo demo demo"... if you can.

Auswake01 03-12-2012 11:32 PM

Thanks Jeremy, yeah I am leaning towards slingshot a little... Products seem very good and excellent technology! Only thing is I can't demo boards where I live... Sucks!

logan 03-13-2012 12:52 AM

what are you looking for in a board? what's your skill level? if you want help getting the right board give us some ideas of how you ride or what you like.

Auswake01 03-13-2012 1:02 AM

Still learning behind boats... Got a few inverts down pat. Want to start trying a few raileys and big methods onto the flats... Very hard landings with current board. Basically want a board with a strong edge and is still able to break free easy. I rode new LF Harley model liked how it held edge, very fast board.. Just very stuck into water- hard to break free. Also rode an older byerly assult and didn't like how it felt as if the board couldn't switch edges fast. Thanks Logan for reply

rmotoxxx711 03-13-2012 1:03 AM

if i were you (assuming this is a boat board you want) i would go with a 142 Murray. It has a dual spine under it which helps it land soft by breaking the water on landing and it breaks loose when you want it to while releasing ealry off thewake (for those times that we get lazy) and most of all the swing weight is amazing on spins. Ican garuntee you you will love this board and not be disappointed at all if you get one. the reason i reccomend this over the Blunt is cuz its def a little lighter.
Oh and Hype's warranties are the best out there from what ive seen

i highly reccomend going with around a 140cm give or take a cm. im 5'9'' 165 and its better to ride a board a little bigger than not to have more board under you for landings and they carry more speed into the wake when needed. (i ride between a 140 and 144, carries more speed landing in the flats)

rmotoxxx711 03-13-2012 1:06 AM

oh you can also change the fins out from .8'' to 1.0'' if you want more hold, but it holds great

wakerider111 03-13-2012 9:38 AM

rode the Murray before too. definitely one of my favorite non-flex boards

slingshot boards are relatively featureless so you really can decide how loose or tight the board is with the choice of fins.
hyperlite murray is also relatively simple in bottom features and you will have ability to tune it based on fin sizes.

if you are a believer of belly spines and such breaking the impact for soft landings you might want to check out many of CWB boards like the faction or transcend. or if you want to go a little on the unique end, try Sine wakeboards (deep spine the length of the board)

benjaminp 03-13-2012 1:55 PM

So many recommendations, so little time...
You basically need to figure out what features you like on a board, because every company will have similar products throughout each range of options. It sounds like you like to go into the flats, which means stay away from boards with big 3 stage rockers. Flex boards are said to have softer landings (I have a different opinion but I seem to be in the minority there), but generally have fewer bottom features so they break free easier. Try for a continuous or hybrid rocker, in the size range suggested above, with some bottom features to soften up the landings and smaller fins to keep it loose. From there, just pick the company that you like and get their offering with these options.

Bam6961 03-13-2012 2:17 PM

I demoed the blunt and the murray at a demo.
in comparison the murray gave a consistant pop over the blunt, like i knew everytime what i was getting . The blunt is a big snappy straight up pop, but took a while to get used to, but i liked it alot.
I also found that the swing weight was super light with the murray just as moto was saying. They also have about the same grip.

When i demoed the blunt it was a really big on me, i rode the 55 blunt and i only weigh 120. So my feel over the board is probably a little different.

03-13-2012 2:17 PM

Cant go wrong with the Watson Classic...many guys have ridden that over the years and its the board tht inspired harley to create his

logan 03-13-2012 9:17 PM

Slingshot Hooke

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