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adamsilcio 03-12-2012 5:00 PM

Moving to Atlanta in April. Can I get a pull?
So I just picked up a full-time job in Atlanta and will be moving out there in mid-April. I will be living in Norcross and working out of Buford, GA. I am living with a friend in Norcross but I am open to live with other riders if they are in and around Buford and need a room filled. Name your price.

Also, would love to meet other riders and have a chance to ride on a regular basis. I know the Atlanta scene is sick! Cobra has his wake school out there. There is Oconee, Allatoona, and Lanier. I'm good for gas money, I'm always the guy who stays after to help pick up and clean, and of course I have good boat manners, hah.

Hit me up!

fizzz 03-13-2012 3:29 AM

Were always looking for riders but from Buford it's going to be kinda far (1.5 hours), I live in buckhead and have a house at Jackson lake where I keep my boat most of the time. Let me know if you feel like making the drive!

adamsilcio 03-13-2012 11:17 PM

are there a lot of riders on lake lanier?

fizzz 03-14-2012 8:22 PM

ya definitely the biggest lake around here so its full of riding, i don't really like riding up there because its always rough conditions from the house/power boats but the water is clean and you can usually find a cove somewhere that isn't too bad, were just spoiled with the lake we ride at. you probably won't have trouble finding a crew up there because its so big, i have friends that we ride with that keep their boat at lanier so i may be able to hook you up with them but I'm not sure how they are about riding with people they don't know so ill have to talk to them.

adamsilcio 03-18-2012 5:50 PM

i am moving to Atlanta to work full time for Singleton Marine Group. I am also going to continue working part-time for Red Bull. do your friends know any of the guys from SMG?

adamsilcio 03-18-2012 6:21 PM

i am very much willing to make the drive. i know it will be a slow start in meeting new riders in the area. and it will definitely involve driving around a bit as well. thanks shawn! shoot me a message with your phone number and e-mail.

shammy1984 03-23-2012 8:04 AM

What's up guys? I'm in the same situation as Adam here. I just picked up a job in Atlanta and will moving back to Atlanta by mid April. I've been living out in Arizona the last two years and have been riding on a consistent basis. I'm looking to meet riders in Atlanta area. I'm good for gas money and driving to anywhere that someone wants to ride, I always help clean up, spray and wipe down the boat after use.

Hit me up!

fizzz 03-25-2012 11:16 AM

I'll pm you

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