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geese780 03-10-2012 8:23 AM

Orlando to Nashville For Summer
Hey whats going on world. I'm moving up to Nashville from Orlando this summer used to live/ride on clear lake but moving to Nash for my job this summer. Seeing if anyone was needing/looking for another guy with gas money. Know how to drive, properly even wake out, and always provide gas money haha. Let me know whats up. 607-437-1976


wakesetter_WW 03-10-2012 6:41 PM

I ride on Center Hill lake which is about an hour and fifteen minutes from Nashville varying depending on where in Nashville. When are you heading up to TN??

BamaLurker 03-12-2012 1:01 PM

Hey dude, I live in guntersville al, bout two hours south of Nashville. We ride boat pretty regularly after work on weekdays. Then we take a bunch of winch trips on the weekends. We will def be coming up to murpheesboro soon to winch so if ur into winching you should join us. We also have three rail ponds that we winch a bunch. One of them is on the al tn state line about an hour south of you. There's also a couple of good comps here in town. Let me know if u wanna try and shred w us. Ima text you sum pics of our rails and winch spots. My # is 256 302 6456.

You related to TJ?

geese780 03-16-2012 6:46 AM

Hey Guys, thanks for the response. I'm more looking to ride in Nashville at like percy priest or Old Hickory don't really wanna travel out of town unfortunately. BUT if I do need to get out, I'll give each of you a shout! Thanks bro's!


No I'm not related to TJ......TJ who? Lives on Clear Lake in Orlando?

jsmilez321 03-22-2012 1:23 PM

hey dude know I am a little late we ride at cheatham lake AKA the cumberland river on the weekends and the cumberland river in clarksville on the weekdays at max 30 minute drive to cheatham and 45 to clarksville. hit me up anytime 9319804307

geese780 05-20-2012 11:08 AM

Hey Jacob, Thanks for the shout bro. I'll be back in a couple of days and then I'll give you a shout maybe we can hook up next weekend. Thanks bro have fun out there.


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