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eubanks01 03-07-2012 7:21 PM

Worst Hardware Ever
Bought my wife a 2012 Ronix FHL setup. It comes with those thumbscrews for the bindings and no matter what I do I can't get the screws in far enough to secure the bindings. The screw isn't bottoming out it's just something wrong with the threads.

Anybody else have this experience? It's crazy to me that you have to go buy your own hardware for a brand new setup. Is this a known issue with Ronix hardware?

logan 03-07-2012 8:03 PM

Have you contacted Ronix? Might be a good idea before you put them on blast.

gotwake133 03-07-2012 8:31 PM

Sometimes these threads/screws can be difficult. I have had numerous sets of hardware do this to me. As frustrating as it is you just need to try until you get it, and do not force it or you will cross thread them, and breaking bolts off in inserts is no fun. For some reason sometimes the first thread just doesn't wanna line up, so like I said before, just be patient and they should thread in.

irishrider92 03-08-2012 3:12 AM

Could be a manufacturing issue. My sis has a FHL and one of the holes came with damaged threads. Its just a small mistake that all manufacturers have from time to time. Contact Ronix and they should sort you out.

luke_j 03-08-2012 8:24 PM

try running a tap through the inserts. that'll clean em up and they should turn right in

johnny_defacto 03-09-2012 12:22 AM

x2 luke. I had to tap atleast one hole in every board I have ever bought or demo'd. bummer yes, but not a big deal if you have a basic tap and die set. if not, it is a great excuse to go buy one.

eubanks01 03-09-2012 6:49 AM

What is running a tap? Sorry for my dumbness!

bcrider 03-09-2012 8:56 AM

a tap is a tool that rethreds the insert.

behindtheboat 03-09-2012 9:27 AM

Take it to the shop, if you bought from one, and make it their problem. Boards should come with all appropriately fitting and working hardware, and it is the retailers responsibility to ensure that. If they state that the manufacturer didn't help them/provide it, then it needs to be their problem with the manufacturer, not yours, and they should have known their stuff before to it coming to that. Any local shop could also probably help out with additional hardware, as I'm sure you know. It should not be acceptable to anyone to pay the amount of money for a board and get improper fitting hardware, missing hardware, or anything but the right stuff. That's why most shops will just make it right, and working.

captain_vilfo 03-09-2012 8:08 PM

I had that problem, til I put in washers. I know you said it wasnt bottoming out but its worth a shot

andrewsnb 03-12-2012 5:17 PM

I always put the boots at like 30 degrees on either side of the binding. and then once I start the thread into the insert I will line my boot up to the 12-15 degrees i would normally ride at. If you have the boots all the way out at 30 degrees to start with, you seem to have a few extra MM of space!

A-dub is right. Your local shop should have ensured you received all the correct hardware. If they can't help you out... I am sure Ronix will.

Shuswap Ski & Board

the_fish 03-15-2012 9:03 AM

Ronix will help out. Every board Co. I have ever called for screws, laces, etc has overnighted me the parts. My question is are both the boots and bindings Ronix? Some boards have more shallow inserts than others. All LF bindings I've seen had screws too long for HL inserts.

eubanks01 03-15-2012 9:16 AM

Thanks everybody. This obviously wasn't to rip Ronix, but to see if anybody else has had the same experience and found a solution. I've asked locally and some folks have told me they had to buy their own screws from the hardware store. it's like those thumb screws put lateral pressue on the threads making them harder to screw in.

I did contact Ronix and they are sending me new bolts. They are the same ones though so I'm worried I will have the same issue. We'll see how it goes. Thanks again for all the suggestions.

da_moose 03-20-2012 8:43 PM

That's why I use 5/16~18 fat and couse, Not 1/4 -28

neverwinter 03-24-2012 12:31 PM

i had the same issue with ronix bindings and 4 20 cent washers between the binding and the bolt made me a happy camper.

jason95gt 03-24-2012 3:52 PM

Andrew Martin is right on as the threads are very finicky and you have to make sure they are completely perpendicular to the threads. Make sure the boot is not interfering with you placing the nuts in the threads and start slowly.

perfski 03-24-2012 8:47 PM

Alot of our customers prefer using a simple stainless phillips head screw in place of the toggle style screw. You can get them at good hardware....or call us at the shop 407-859-7544 or email us @ sales@perfski.com

Bill @ Performance

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