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infantryman2oo2 03-07-2012 7:59 AM

1989 Supra Mariah
looking at a possible new purchase of a 1989 Supra Mariah that has been completely redone. this boat had the floor replaced last year and they used fiberglass coated wooden stringers. its on the orginal motor with just over 600 total hours. dealership did the floor as well as installed a tower. interior leather has all been replaced as well. It also has 1,000lbs of ballast. the guy is asking 12,500 for this boat.

My questions are is that high on this boat and whats the wake like for this boat. I perviously owned an X-star and suffered a wakeboard ending shoulder injury and haven't strapped in to one in 2 years now so i'm not so much concerned with its wakeboard wake. I'd be buy this as just a surfing boat and therefor i'd be turning it into more of a surf machine then anything. However i've experience the bill associtated with the $50k plus boat before and don't want to do that again so my plan is to stay under 20K this time. just wondering what your advice would be.


wspeedin 03-07-2012 8:44 AM

if you're wanting to surf than this is not the boat for you. It does not have enough freeboard to put more than 1500lb in it. And even if you put that much in it, it would take on water fairly easy. Also, 12,500 is way to much IMO. I have an '87 Saltare which I paid $3000 for. After restoring it to the condition of what this Mariah says it is Im only into the baot total maybe $10000.

infantryman2oo2 03-07-2012 8:50 AM

good to know i thought the guy was high on his price as well and in today's economy i was going to low ball him and see what happened but before that I need to do the research side first as as you say if it can't handle more then 1500 lbs it isn't the boat for me. my previous boat had 4500lbs in it. what are your recomendations for a good boat to surf with that isn't going to set me back like my previous boat I owned. I would obviously perfer the v-drive but don't see that happening without spending the money it cost's to get into one.

wspeedin 03-07-2012 10:45 AM

If you are looking for somthing under 10k than I would suggest looking at the older Supra's like the Sunsport or the Saltare. They have a lot of freeboard. I havent personally put alot of weight into my boat yet, but I have heard of people getting 3000-4000 lbs in those and creating a very nice wave for surfing. If you're looking under 20k than I think the Tige boats are great surf machines. Its all about preferences really. Almost all the Supra's in the 80's are going to be cheap but will need work. Most of them have rotten stringers and floors and soemthing like that can cost you 5k to replace but will last a long time.

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