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alex_hunter 03-06-2012 1:34 PM

more board help
I'm looking to get a new board. I don't need it, but I just bought a new boat and want to fill up the racks. :D

From what I gather a flex board is primarily for cable parks, but some guys ride and like them behind boats as well. What is the difference in the ride between a stiff board and flex? I'm leaning towards getting a SS, lots of guys seem to be happy with them.

I have a Watson now. I think I want the new board to have a different feel and then I can decide which one I prefer and leave the other as the boat board.

alex_hunter 03-06-2012 6:01 PM

Anyone have any input on newton vs response?

TheHebrewHammer 03-06-2012 8:11 PM

The difference between flex boards and stiff is that flex boards flex and stiff boards do not. That's about it. Some say flex boards land softer, but the Recoils I've owned land pretty damn hard because they have no bottom features and huge rocker lines. I find that they're a little slower than the LF Harley I came from (a very stiff board with carbon stringers and a smaller 3-stage rocker than what the Recoil has), but they seem to pop better off the wake. They're really fun for finless surface tricks because of the flat bottoms. Plus, you can use the flex to press on the water and get some nice ollie pop.

So to recap, with the Recoil, you're basically sacrificing a bit of speed and maybe a bit of landing softness for pop and more fun on surface tricks. To me, it's worth it. The pop is just ridiculous!

Other flex boards land softer and are faster than the Recoil.

As for the Newton vs. the Response, both are continuous rocker boards, but the Newton is from the ballistic series and the Response is not. This means that the Newton is stiffer than the Response, and I believe it has some minimal channels as well. Basically, the Newton is more boat-focused and the Response is more cable-focused.

I think both would be great choices because their rocker lines should mitigate some of the weaknesses of the Recoil.

cwb4me 03-07-2012 5:03 AM

Demo the boards your interested in.The Harley and the Watson obviously didn't hold either of those guys back.Find the board that suits YOU best.

alex_hunter 03-07-2012 11:01 AM

Unfortunately demo'ing boards isn't an option where I am.

tampawake 03-07-2012 2:10 PM

Lymannnnnnnn came in today!!!!!!!

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