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03-05-2012 12:08 PM

Anyone own an 09' or newer Audi A4?
Curious about ur thoughts on this model. I dont care about thoughts on Audi's past reliability issues, talking about the 09' and newer. I have friends who are service advisors for bmw and hate to hear the stories they tell me about 335s & M3 which I looked at as well at one point but ruled out.

Am looking at:
Audi A4
Audi A5
Not really feeling the 3 series (more common around here than hondas)
M3 is out

Right now Im in a nice suv, drive 30k/yr but looking at downsizing POSSIBLY??!!

I havent come across 1 US manufacturer's car that I would be happy with or else I would. My whole family worked/retired for GM. So I hear it enough already about my British suv and German cars lol.

pesos 03-05-2012 5:52 PM

I have an 08 S5, the year the new model started. It's great. Had one scare with a tool of a service rep at the Oakland dealership, but it all worked out ultimately. 30k/year is a lot; maybe Japanese is the way to go.

I may be trading in for a 2012 Volt lol.

sidekicknicholas 03-05-2012 5:58 PM

I would consider Japanese too...

I do about 35k a year and my Lexus IS has been great - knock on wood -- 100k and zero problems what-so ever.

I looked at audi (wanted all-wheel drive) or a 535xi ... ended up going with an IS... love it so far.
.... the audi I was looking at was the same (09' A4), 35k miles for 21k... not sure your budget but there are some deals out there.

phatboypimp 03-05-2012 7:06 PM

If I was buying a car in the class/age it would be a used 2009 C63AMG. That thing is BAD!

jeff_mn 03-06-2012 10:03 AM

2010 Maxima SV here...

Literally could not be happier with it and I do about 30k a year as well..

My wife drives an X5... Fine for her doing 5k a year - but not a prayer with the miles I go.

09+ A4's are supposed to have better reliability ratings and you're more likely low mileage/ CPO.

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