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eubanks01 03-04-2012 7:51 PM

2012 Slingshot Whip
Anybody ridden this board yet? I am looking around for a new cable board and this one looks to be a good fit. I love the way my 2009 Recoil slides at the park but the landings are super hard and it's really loose finless. The channels in the Whip make me think it would land a bit better plus hold a litter better without fins than my Recoil.


TheHebrewHammer 03-04-2012 7:58 PM

I'd like to know this too. Nobody I know has even seen one yet. It certainly seems to be hard to get a hold of for now.

skiboarder 03-05-2012 8:01 AM

I have not ridden this board, but I have handled one. The channels are really more like molded fins and it is very stiff. It is an interesting shape I would like to try behind a boat.

behindtheboat 03-05-2012 7:35 PM

It's amazing! Tracks solid, fast, love landing on it, stiffer for flex but still flexes just right for rails. The board is so tech I feel like I learn more and more about it every ride.

eubanks01 03-06-2012 12:25 PM

Thanks guys.

A-dub - So it lands fairly soft? Have you ridden a Recoil and if so how would you compare it? Thanks!

behindtheboat 03-06-2012 2:12 PM

Not sure compared to the Recoil, but it seems to land pretty soft, and definitely tracks fast and controlled right on landing. Haven't had much time on it, but so far the bigger I go the more impressed with the landing I am.

BTV 04-09-2012 3:46 PM

Any updates on the Whip?

I rode a 2011 Newton this past weekend on the cable. Really liked it, but I ride boat mostly (no cable where I live).

Suggestions for flex board for boat? Coming off a 2011 Viva. Just want to try flex and want something a little looser than Viva.


Dj2up10 04-10-2012 6:03 AM

I'm convinced we need an ongoing slingshot help forum.

Being one of the many that have asked similar questions, I think the biggest issue for us that want to switch to flex is the worry that it just won't be flexie enough, but also not like a wet noodle.

It seems like the whip and the Lyman would fall into the category of almost being too stiff. Whats the word?

hunter660 04-10-2012 4:37 PM


Originally Posted by Dj2up10 (Post 1743246)
I'm convinced we need an ongoing slingshot help forum.

I would love to see a thread for this. I can start one if that's ok, but I have more questions than answers.

Dj2up10 04-10-2012 8:39 PM

The paradox for me is that I've ridden an 09 slingshot, which was too soft, but was the same board that got me hooked. I ollied in the flats and it put a smile on my face, but when I started doing some basic inverts-like rolls, I quickly noticed how much I needed to mellow my edge because of how much the flex was kicking me around. I had a short set on last years response but not enough to see if I wanted more edge control...like from maybe the newton. So, I think the issue for many is simply needing water time in a demo setting.

Go for it with a thread on it because It seems as though many are sold on the brand....I know I am....but want to make the right purchase this spring.

logan 04-10-2012 9:08 PM

The ballistic line has some of the sickest decks you will ever ride. The Hooke is super sick. Slingshot stiffened up the entire line up the get more boost off the wake but the way the boards are designed you still get very soft landings, which is why I love my Lyman. I also have an 09 Recoil which I love riding but sometimes it is too flexy for me. It depends on what I'm looking to do, I will say that e recoil made wakeboardingfun again but the Lyman has me focused on going big.

trio 04-11-2012 12:31 PM

I have an older SS Response 145 that I ride only on cable. I tired it behind the boat but it was way to soft. It was super fast but felt like a limp noodle when hitting the wake. At the cable it is really fun on rails but doesn't seem to loan and pop as good as a stiff board for air tricks. It looses some edge.

I decided I wanted something a little stiffer with some bottom features to hopefully get the best of both worlds. Something that will wrap around rails and flex into kickers but also will load and pop in the corners. So I ordered a Whip 143. It should be here this week.

I am going to try it behind the boat this weekend and then for a week long cable trip to TX. I will give some feedback once I have some time on the board.

My personal preference on a few boards:
I have the SS 145 Response for cable and really like it on rails.
I ride the current shape HL Murray as my main boat board and LOVE it.
I have ridden the Lyman behind the boat and hated it.
I have also ridden the new SS 145 Reflex at the cable and liked it a lot.

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