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cheesydog 03-03-2012 3:42 PM

Wake style kiting (KITE)
Saw this on facebook, was really impressed with how wake style the kiting scene is these days, also helps the vid uses liberal doses of eye candy!


juniorhawk 03-05-2012 1:31 PM

I am impressed too. Wow. Frikking incredible how far that sport has come. Judging by the wind, I would never guess some of that is even possible. I love the zinc wire fence hop.

ottog1979 03-05-2012 4:21 PM

Eco wakeboarding!

cheesydog 03-06-2012 5:18 PM

definitely makes me wanna give kiting another shot! I know Diego Shaw has recently gone hardcore into kiting, pretty excited to see how far he takes it

501s 03-06-2012 11:05 PM

Wow, now that was surprising. Definitely worth the watch. Definitely.

Texan 03-07-2012 6:46 AM

Man, sick video right there.

k9fxr 03-07-2012 5:36 PM

anyone know how long/hard it is to get indipendant, ie no rescues

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