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chris_b 03-02-2012 7:50 PM

New tow rig
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I got a little bigger tow rig for this year.

brucegoose23 03-02-2012 7:53 PM

Sweet ride. What kind of wheels and tires are you running?

chris_b 03-02-2012 7:57 PM

Thanks. I have been talking myself out of the diesel route for the last couple of years. The right deal came along, and I wasn't able to turn it down. They are KMC (XD) wheels and Nitto Mud Grapplers.

brucegoose23 03-02-2012 8:02 PM

Yeah I'm leaning towards gettin a diesel for my next ride.. My friend rebuilds wrecked trucks and specializes in trucks. I'm hoping to score a nice denali duramax

kikitlo 03-02-2012 8:22 PM

Great looking truck man. Very clean

riverside 03-04-2012 9:00 AM

get a edge insight and start reading powerstroke.org...and learn some basic 6.0 diesel knowledge

nice truck!

DealsGapCobra 03-05-2012 9:48 AM


lifetimewarranty 03-05-2012 12:06 PM

Nice...You will be running mud flaps I hope so you don't spray the front of your boat!:eek:

wakecumberland 03-05-2012 1:02 PM

^ x2. Good looking truck! I just don't like wheels to stick out that far. Maybe some flares would tone it down.

jonyb 03-05-2012 2:31 PM

Nice looking truck.

Get rid of those Mud Grapplers first. Those are the noisiest, least wearing tire out there. Toyo Open Country M/T or Nitto Trail Grapplers if you want an M/T tire.

Like said above, READ about that 6.0 BEFORE doing anything to it. Those motors have lots of failures for a lot of reasons. You may be fine, and a lot of others may have been too, but the 6.0's have their weak points.

pennery 03-05-2012 6:19 PM

That's an awesome looking rig. Don't listen to all the crap you are going to hear about the 6.0. I agree with riverside. The first thing you need to do is get an Edge insight to monitor ECT and EOT. I also have the EGT probe installed to monitor that temp as well. The second thing you need to do is order a coolant filter from dieselsite.com. Very easy to install.
You can make the 6.0 very reliable witha few other mods however you need to be precise in what you do first. Everyone is going to tell you the head gaskets are crap. If you drive it nice and keep the programmers out and monitor your temps so you know when you are having an oil cooler failure you will be fine. And you will have an oil cooler failure. If you can manage to get the ford gold coolant out and replace it with an ELC you will be eliminating slot of the problems that exist with this engine.
I prefer www.thedieselstop.com for info on the 6.0 but frequently look are powerstroke.Org for info as well. Both are great resources for these motors. The great thing about this motor is there are slot of parts available for it.
I think it is a fantastic looking truck.

chris_b 03-05-2012 7:30 PM

Thanks guys. I am in the process of swapping the mud for trail grapplers. This is my first diesel so I have alot to learn. I did get a bumper to bumper warranty for two years on it. I have been reading alot on powerstroke.org. I'll check out dieselstop also.

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