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DealsGapCobra 03-02-2012 5:49 AM

Norris Lake Rental Suggestions?
We would like to rent a place on Norris lake for a weekend near Maynardville (Beach Island Marina) area. Do anyone have any suggestions? Most things I am finding are either on a different part of the lake or only offer week long rates.


ride152 03-20-2012 1:47 PM

Not exactly sure where Maynardville is, but I recommend calling Bryan Courtney at Norris Lake Houseboats - if you want a houseboat, he can certainly help (he is having a brand new one built for this season right now) and might have hook-ups on places to rent.



I have been going to Norris for years now and love it, we usually anchor in a cove near the bridge and the tiki bar..........great water and great fun.....

DealsGapCobra 03-21-2012 8:09 AM

Thanks Nate.

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