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lasvegaswakeboarding 03-02-2012 1:00 AM

Lake Houston..
Anyone riding here on Lake Houston? Seems with weather permitting there would be some wakeboarders on the water but I have seen any... I've been itching to go ride since I moved back home but don't know anyone with a wake boat. All fishing boats. Cable park is a little far so that would be a weekend trip.

brazosfreak05 03-22-2012 5:58 AM

check out GCWA.com

there is a find-a-thrid section

okwakebdr 03-22-2012 7:09 AM

I live on the lake and ride the upper San Jac 2 or 3 times a week (work, weather, and newborn baby permitting)

lasvegaswakeboarding 04-09-2012 8:41 PM

Sweet I'm down in southern Texas for training right now.. But when I get back I'll let you know.. If you ever need a third in down.

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