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rukie 02-29-2012 8:12 PM

Delta-Orwood Sunday
Supposed to be 70 and I haven't seen my boat in months. Need at least two more (atleast one driver). 10am? Post back or give me a ring.

Ben (415) 815-8252

Bam6961 03-01-2012 12:22 AM

sup, i'm down to go. i know stuart so maybe me and him can car pool or something. i can probably get another person to come if you want. i'm good for gas aswell as driving.

rukie 03-01-2012 4:48 PM

Bam- sounds good. I would rather have 4-5 peeps just in case someone can't make it last minute or whatever, so check with your friend and Stuart and let me know for sure. Post or my number above. Looking forward to getting out.

Bam6961 03-02-2012 12:15 AM

Ok well i don't think stuart is much of a winter rider and that post was quite old... but yeah i could get one person to go with me for sure, we both have dry suits/both drive. here is my number 707-330-6961 call or text. ill probably call saturday or friday to see what's up.

wakemitch 03-02-2012 12:49 AM

What day are you going out? I'm down to come out

rmotoxxx711 03-02-2012 12:59 AM

Yea I'm game, what boat you running with how much weight if you don't mind me asking? Good for gas too

wakemitch 03-02-2012 11:17 AM

I cant believe I missed the day right on the title of the thread haha.

rukie 03-02-2012 2:31 PM

Bam- Sounds good lets touch base tomorrow, but Sunday 10am for sure for me.

Mitch/Ryan either or both of you are welcome (I am looking to meet some new ppl and get out way more this year). So let me know if either or both of you are in. Boat is a 2005 Centurion Avalanche with about 2K of stereo weight on top of stock ballast. The wake is decent (I am fat and old anyway :), but does not clean up until about 22.5 or so.

wakemitch 03-02-2012 4:43 PM

I thought my buddies were going out saturday, but now we're going sunday. So not this time, but I am usually always down to ride. No matter what the temp is.

rmotoxxx711 03-02-2012 8:30 PM

Thanks Ben sounds like a bangin stereo, damn. Haha. If your lookin to ride with new people and willing to drive a bit my home lake is folsom and your welcome to roll with me whenever. I run a '02 SANTE 210 with 3000+lbs of weight and teach wakeboarding so can help you out wherever your wantin the help

hillbilly 03-02-2012 8:42 PM

I was wondering if/how you had extra ballast....lol
How hard is it to balance out the wake? CRAZY BIG system it sounds like!!!

rukie 03-03-2012 2:27 PM

Sounds like its only me and Brandon so far. Anyone else want to ride tomorrow? Weather says 73

Walt 03-05-2012 6:21 PM

Did you get to ride Ben ? Good to see you.

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