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craigridley2243 02-29-2012 12:45 PM

Central Arkansas
hey i have been riding for years but for the past couple years i have gotten a little light. Mainly because my boat is an hour and a half away among other things. but i was wondering about people who ride on degray, greeson, catherine, hamilton, or ouachita. i got gas money but i am mainly a weekend warrior since i work all week and go to school. only good thing is when i am out of school i am off work. but if anyone could help out it would be awesome. i am an intermediate rider and can help you out with not really tricks... but more like what you shouldnt do when it comes to learning tricks. gotta couple injuries that way. but anyways it would be awesome to get a pull every now and then and again i will help with the gas.

twitch1oh1 05-28-2012 10:51 PM

Hey craig I live in Russellville during the school year and in El Dorado working during the summer. I just went to degray this memorial weekend. I'm looking for a pull as I don't have a boat. Let me know what you think...I'm still really new to the wakeboard scene but I learn fast.

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