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fullonsalesgrp 02-27-2012 6:25 PM

Odd phone numbers
So I recently upgraded to a 4s and after they transferred my numbers I noticed I had a number which was labeled Demi Lavoto. Now I don't know her nor do I ever remember meeting her, but I'm chicken **** to call the number. I mean I'm 43 and she's what 20 something. I have no clue who's number it really is or if it's hers.

02-27-2012 6:40 PM

Are you friends with her on FB or LinkedIn? Lol sometimes those transfer over

fullonsalesgrp 02-27-2012 6:48 PM

No I'm not but her fb says here current location, the area code of the number is Dallas, interesting !

brett33 02-28-2012 5:14 AM

check out her website. seems to be some kind of musician in the Dallas area.. http://www.demilovato.com/

ScottR 02-28-2012 7:35 AM

I have a 10 year old little girl. She is a VERY popular TV star and Acting Star along with Music. She was on CAMP ROCK (Movie for kids) and is 20ish......CAll it and see!

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