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sidekicknicholas 02-23-2012 8:46 AM

Wheel well gap but don't want to lower
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I've got a bit of a problem....

I love my car but had the wheel well gap that is created from the stock height.... I have aftermarket rims because of a road debris issue and it as cheaper for aftermarket rims/tires than buying stock Lexus rims... but I kept the size close to stock and still am stuck with a really ugly wheel well gap.

I really don't want to lower the car because of the AWD system (others who have lowered mention strange vibrations) and the fact I bought it to drive in the winter/handle snow.

I'm not looking for that "slammed" look, I personally think it looks stupid when rims are up in the wheel well, just would like a smaller uniform gap all the way around.

So I figured I'm left with a few options:
1. Bigger tires on my current rims to try and fill space
2. Bigger rims to try and fill the space

... not opposed to adding a lip kit after new rims and/or tires to keep a stock looking ground clearance (since it will sit higher with bigger rims and/or tires).

anyone else done something similar to clear up the gap?
Here is the current rims and gap - 18" rims with 225/40/18 tires'


bjeremi 02-23-2012 8:50 AM

If you don't want to lower I think you have pretty much listed your only options. I really hate wheel well gap too. The only other thing that might make a difference is to try different offsets to try and push the wheels as close to flush as possble. The back wheels defintely have some room to come out a little but I can quite tell from the pics if the front ones have any wiggle room. I think that will eliminate a little bit of the gap or at least the apperance of gap. Also will give you a little more aggresive stance.

beretta5spd 02-23-2012 9:07 AM

I have added at least one size larger tires on every vehicle I have ever owned to reduce wheel gap. This last time I went with 235/75/17s on my Jeep as opposed to stock 235/65/17. They barely rub the fenders (edit: only the front when wheels are turned right to the lock). I do a lot of highway driving too and find the extra little bit of sidewall cushions the ride. I'm not as concerned about handling. So if a priority for you is to maintain the same handling or better, I would say do larger rims and larger tires. If losing a tiny bit of handling is a fair payment for the reduced wheel gap + softer ride I would just go with tires.

wakecumberland 02-23-2012 9:11 AM

Yeah those rear wheels nees to be pushed out for sure. Also, your tires are too narrow for those wheels and gives that stretched rubber band look that just exagerates the appearance of the gap. So to answer your question, I would get wheels with a different offset that will push them out closer to the lip of the fender and tire that fits properly.....and then I would drop it an inch :)

buffalow 02-23-2012 9:32 AM


sidekicknicholas 02-23-2012 10:23 AM

I'll have to do some googling to see what size I can run with minimal/no rubbing...

my thought is keep these rims for winter, buy a new set of 19s with maybe 45 tires and hope that hides most of the gap (assuming they fit and at most only ruib the plastic fender liner.


If losing a tiny bit of handling is a fair payment for the reduced wheel gap + softer ride I would just go with tires.
I do 95% highway driving and know that I don't drive a race car, so handling isn't a big deal to me

Houstonshark 02-23-2012 10:45 AM

Why not do a set of 19" Replica IS-F wheels with the stock tire size?


That way it still looks clean and factory and should ride well, depending on the tire selection. It should also fill the fender wells a little better. I don't know much about the IS-F but I would imagine it has a slightly lowered suspension so if you wanted it to look factory you would probably need to lower it a little.

sidekicknicholas 02-23-2012 1:00 PM


but I would imagine it has a slightly lowered suspension so if you wanted it to look factory you would probably need to lower it a little.
That is correct - anything Lexus "F" IS-F or F-sport package has F-sport springs which is about a 1" drop. I don't believe they offered the AWD with that package though which leads me to believe its somethign with the AWD they kept them from doing it.

I like the IS-F wheels a lot but they usually come staggered like the link you posted above and I would just assume keep them all the same for AWD and rotation purposes.

cadunkle 02-23-2012 5:11 PM

Looks like a tighter gap than anything I've ever owned, honestly don't see the problem. New point A to B car looks like every other new car out there. Not bad, not good... Just is. Regardless, If it bothers you that much just get some tires with more sidewall, it'll probably ride a little nicer and shouldn't take much to get the look you're after. If significant height difference from stock recalibrate your speedometer.

sidekicknicholas 02-24-2012 7:14 AM

perfect world I would look similar to a IS-F... no real gap but I'm also not tucked up under the fenders/wheel wells
... sometime I look at my car and wondering if I should take it off-roading because of how high looks to sit.


jburbo 02-24-2012 7:28 AM

nick, i work at a Cadillac dealer right now, and we have a Lexus location right across the street as well. if you want i can ask my Lexus techs about a small drop, and see if it will be a problem with the AWD. i think we have a tech there with an IS 250 thats lowered a little. shoot me an email at jburbo@gmail and we can talk about it.

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