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alex_hunter 02-21-2012 9:03 PM

continuous rocker?
I'm looking for a new board. I've been riding a '09 Watson. It's what I learned on and I'm still a beginner level rider. I can jump heelside W2W but the landings are sketchy. I was wondering if a board with a continuous or hybrid rocker with more forgiving/softer landings would better suit me. Any recommendations would be great.

hawkeye7708 02-21-2012 9:20 PM


It's going to largely come down to what you get used to. I rode quite a few 3-Stage boards, they were fine, but I was able to really get the best feel when I was on a continuous/hybrid rocker with the Ronix Viva series. The shape really works with the way I want to ride. I believe that this board gives me a more consistent pop, and I feel very comfortable charging the wake knowing what i'm going to get. I'm a big proponent of the Hybrid/Continuous rocker. I probably wouldn't go back to a true 3-Stage. The landings have a lot more to do with how you like to cut into the wake and whether you go wake to wake or head out to the flats and the technique with which you land. Also, take a look at your board size. Landings can be more harsh if you're riding an undersized board.

My opinion, keep working at it with your Watson for a while, add a few more tricks to the bag, then try out somebody's continuous and see if it feels better. I love mine, but I rode a lot of 3-Stages before it. When I jumped on the continuous, everything I knew just felt better.

TheHebrewHammer 02-21-2012 9:29 PM

The distinctions between rocker types aren't as clear-cut as they once were. There is a ton of variety out there, and one company's 3-stage can feel like another company's hybrid.

wakerider111 02-21-2012 10:06 PM

without a video I (we) can't be sure what may be the problem with your landings. a different board may or may not help.

it doesn't hurt to revisit some tutorials. these are some of my favorites for wake jumps. check them out. they are awesome.


one thing you could try changing is the fin(s) try smaller fins or even removing them. this may help make the board a little more loose and forgiving on landings. it will also force you to learn to edge more with the rails of the board.

In general, as far as rocker is concerned. what the other guys have mentioned is very true. there are far more rockers that are a blend of both worlds now days.

ridersunited 02-23-2012 11:49 AM

Check out the LF Witness. In my experience, most people who like the 2009 Watson (which is now the Watson Classic) also enjoy the Witness. It's a blended 3-stage rocker. It's more of a continuous style between the feet for a smoother, more consistent pop off the wake and a softer landing because you're carrying more speed as a result of a less defined rocker. Still pops great though. Check it out at: http://www.liquidforce.com/wakeboards-witness.html.

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